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Best Surveillance System 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Surveillance System 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

The best home surveillance system is a key to making your home the safest place for you and your family. So it is quite obvious that you would want to keep it that way for years to come. You must be very careful in choosing surveillance system from all of the home surveillance system reviewsHowever, with increased crime rates and hi-tech robberies happening everywhere, it is also imperative to stay upgraded when it comes to your home’s surveillance system. This year there is a great many advanced security systems to choose from, and you might as well check out the best surveillance system 2017 online.

Surveillance systems were previously limited to the peephole in our front doors and maybe a security guard (if one could afford it). However, technological innovations have ushered in an entirely new era of home security systems that have surpassed our wildest imaginations. Think of robots that regularly monitor your pet’s activities and even help them get food if necessary! Such has been the extent of technology in the past few years that video surveillance by surveillance cameras has now become commonplace in most apartments.

Must-have features of your surveillance system

So, what is the best surveillance system? When you are deciding on which surveillance system to opt for, it is important to keep in mind the following functions:

  1. Wide-angle viewing: A camera that only points to one localized corner of your apartment is of no use to you. What you need is a 360-degree rotational view that provides complete protection and all-round surveillance in case of theft.
  2. Wi-fi and smart device connectivity: Smartphones can now be connected effortlessly to your surveillance systems. So make sure that your home security system comes equipped with smartphone and wi-fi connectivity.
  3. High-resolution cameras: If the video resolution is not okay, you will definitely be disappointed with your surveillance system once you start monitoring any activity at home or office. A minimum resolution of 720 p is mandatory, and 1080 p is a good resolution to start off with.
  4. Motion detection: Motion detection is something that is very important in any good surveillance system. Whether it is a fully automatic one or a DIY home security system, motion sensors play a major role.
  5. Low-light video recording: Low light recording is required during night time monitoring and the best surveillance systems in the market generally come with a high-quality low-light video recording facility.
Home security systems with cameras have long been the preferred choice amongst customers. So which is the best home video surveillance system in the market right now? If budget is not your constraint, then a surveillance system can be the best investment that you can make this year.

Find out more about the top ten surveillance systems:

1. Canary Home Security Device – Perfect for Night Time Monitoring  


Canary Home Security DevicePriced at 165 dollars, the Canary all-in-one home security device is the best buy surveillance camera system. It is quite a deal if you are on a budget. It delivers on its promises and is ideal for monitoring during the night since it is equipped with night vision.

If you are conscious about your safety as well as the environment in which your family is breathing daily, then investing in the Canary might just be the best thing you will do this year.

1080p video resolution No two-way audio
Pollution and humidity monitoring Local storage is missing
Great night vision Costly cloud subscription
Easy installation procedure
If you are looking for an all-round solution for your home surveillance, then the Canary security device is a great pick. The pricing is quite reasonable, and with a high-end 1080p resolution, this home surveillance system is total value for money.
There is no local storage available, and this is a big drawback since the subsequent subscriptions to the cloud storage are quite costly.

2. Netgear Arlo Security System – Wifi Enabled, Compact and Stylish

Netgear Arlo Security System

This one is a bit on the costlier side and is currently priced at an affordable price on Amazon. However, if you choose to indulge, this fantastic piece of technology won’t let you down. It is beautifully designed video surveillance system with the superior glossy finish and looks futuristic.

There are two cameras and one base station that is wifi enabled. The cameras run on eight lithium batteries and are easily rechargeable.

The only downer for this one is the complete absence of the audio recording. There is no facility for audio recording in the Netgear Arlo, and with that kind of a price tag, this is definitely a disappointment.
Compact and efficient Audio recording missingy
Fully Wi-Fi enabled Absence of zoom
Easy installation
High-Resolution night vision
Unlimited storage on the cloud

The Netgear is a good buy if you are not in need of audio functionalities and zooming is not a concern. The night vision makes it an excellent choice for outdoor locations like the home compound or the factory entrance for example. The Net gear is high on functionality as well as technical superiority, and this is what makes it an ideal choice for both personal and business use.

3. Logi Circle – Easy and Efficient

Logi Circle

Smart and compact comes at a price of 200 dollars and has been one of the more popular brands in the market of the best home surveillance systems.

The Logi Circle is perfect for those who prefer the need for communicating over a surveillance system.

It has a two-way communication system that allows voice calls and allows people to communicate using voice calls as well.
Saying all that, the Logi Circle does have a long way to go regarding battery back-up and resolution of the cameras. If you want your surveillance to be uninterrupted, then this might not fit the bill.
Voice messaging Video storage time span is only 24 hours
Resolution is 720p
Battery runs out fast

It is quite compact and discrete and does not really interfere with any other gadget around the house. For a simple yet effective home surveillance, especially if you have a kid with whom you want constant communication, the Logi Circle is just perfect.

4. Zmodo Pivot – 360-Degree Security, High-Definition Video

Zmodo Pivot

Equipped with a flexible neck, this surveillance camera can give you a total 360-degree view around your property. The Zmodo Pivot lives up to its name and pivots perfectly well for a small surveillance camera.

The Zmodo pivot is a good deal for 149 dollars owing to its increased flexibility and high resolution of 1080p. The videos are crystal clear, thanks to the incredible resolution and the flexibility of the Zmodo ensures total security for your business as well as home.

360-degree rotational view Cannot connect to smartphones
Special environmental sensors Only local storage availableshouldn’t have a problem with the MIG welder
However, if you are the type that likes to stay connected with your surveillance system over your smartphone, then this one’s not for you. The Zmodo does not yet connect to smartphones or tabs.
Go for this if you are okay with having local storage units and if you are not too much of a technology freak and just want plain and sturdy surveillance for your business or home.

5. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera – Consistent Surveillance and Live Streaming


Nest Cam Indoor Security CameraYour indoor safety is of utmost importance. There is nothing that can compensate for your presence in the house of course, but with the Nest Cam indoor surveillance system, you can be at peace while at work because it is the next best thing to your physical presence in your home. The Nest Cam comes with 24*7 streaming that is live and never goes out of power. So now you can stay connected to your home environment and get a live feed on what is happening on the home front even when you are busy at work. Sounds good?

Well, it only gets better with the Nest Cam. A balanced magnetic stand that supports the primary camera of this surveillance system gives you the freedom to mount your Nest Cam wherever you want around the house. The alarm system incorporated in the Nest Cam also provides you with a security alert when there is suspicious activity found.
However, the nest subscription plans that accompany this surveillance system are a complete put-off. Since there is no free cloud storage on this one, you are supposed to take a special subscription of the Nest Cam surveillance camera as well. This does not go down well with many customers who already shell out quite some amount for the Nest Cam. It is advisable to ask your dealer about the storage subscription before investing in this one.
Live video streaming Subscription plans that burn a hole in your pocket
No battery issues
Security alert system

The Nest Cam is a great buy if you are okay with the subscription plans. It is one of the best sellers and has always got good feedback from satisfied customers over the years.

6. Amcrest Pro HD Indoor Surveillance – High-Resolution Surveillance


Amcrest Pro HD Indoor SurveillanceThe Amcrest Pro HD is one of the best high-resolution cameras in town. It has a stupendous video quality and is also regarded as one of the most reliable surveillance systems from all surveillance system reviews you will find on the web. If you want both performance and style, then the Amcrest Pro is sure to live up to your expectations. It comes in a black, glossy finish with a compact and ultra-modern design that suits your classy interiors perfectly. The high-resolution cameras are easy to clean and barely require any maintenance. The 4 * optical zoom makes sure that you can spot even minute disturbances in the environment, whether it is in broad daylight or during the night.

However, with all its qualities, this surveillance system will only fit your indoor needs and is not an ideal camera system for outdoor purposes.
The Amcrest Pro comes at a very affordable price and is worth the amount if you are looking for high-end home security. Those who have babies or pets at home can keep a 360-degree eye on their loved ones sitting from office. Due to its low maintenance and high-quality video, the Amcrest Pro is slowly gaining popularity with customers in the surveillance camera market.
HD video recording Not built for outdoor surveillance
360-Degree view Susceptible to water damage
4* optical zoom
Audio support

 Go for this one if indoor security is your primary look-out. However, if you are on the hunt for an outdoor surveillance system, then you might want to look for other options as well.

7. Vimtag VT 361 Super HD – Plug and Play HD – Security Surveillance With Night Vision


Vimtag VT 361 Super HDThe Vimtag VT 361 is an amazing gadget for all your indoor security surveillance needs. At a price of around 100 dollars, the Vimtag is one of the cheapest high-quality surveillance cameras that you will get in the security system market. Compared to other home security systems, the Vimtag comes packed with a lot of additional features that give you complete protection while you are on the go. Forget the thousand phone calls to your nanny, worrying about your pet or your baby when traveling for work  The Vimtag VT 361 is the best video security system for you. Now, you can get a live feed on your smartphone and also keep a tab on your pets with the special pet monitoring feature of the Vimtag VT 361.

There is a two-way communication system inbuilt with this surveillance camera, and it is an excellent way to be in touch without having to call the nanny in between work.
The Vimtag VT 361 comes with only one camera for 100 dollars. This can be a bit of a downer, especially because there are other surveillance systems now that offer two cameras for that price.
Pan/tilt flexibility Fixed camera head
Two-way speakers No cloud storage
Wi-Fi enabled Only indoor set-up possible
Smart device connection enabled
Live streaming

The smartphone-enabled Vimtag VT361 is great for being in constant touch with those you leave home. If you have a baby or a pet or an invalid at home, the Vimtag provides you with superior surveillance throughout the day without having to worry about the battery running out. You can also communicate any time with your loved ones and watch over them while traveling. This one is a great starter and comes within a budget.

8. Foscam R2 HD Security Camera – Motion Alert System and Perfect for The Budget Conscious  

Foscam R2 HD Security Camera

Home security is an essential part of your daily life, and if you are a busy traveler with a family back home, the need for the best camera security system is even more mandatory. There are many different kinds of surveillance systems available in the market now and zeroing in on a particular one is a difficult task while you are on a budget.

This is where the Foscam R2 comes in with its vast array of features that give you all-around protection within a budget. Available for just around 80 dollars, the Foscam R2 is an absolute steal.

It comes packed with some great features like 1080p resolution, two-way communication system, motion alarm system, zoom, tilt, and pan, etc. There is nothing that can stop you from keeping a close watch on your family or your property while you are on the run for work.
The Foscam is not weather proof though, and if you want to install a security-surveillance in your garden or at the entrance of your home, then this is not the best model. There are other weatherproof models that are ideal for an out-door surveillance system and will do the job better than the Foscam.
Compact model Vulnerable to weather damage
110-Degree viewing angle Full rotational viewing not possible
Superior HD recording
1080p resolution
WDR image correction
LBR encoding
Ambarella chipset
PTZ imaging

However, even within such a low price bracket, the Foscam R2 is a great addition to your home security. It is perfect for monitoring your drawing area or your baby’s room and is a must-have for those with a small apartment and moderate monitoring requirements.

9. Arlo Pro Security System – Complete Indoor and Outdoor Solution for Your Home

Arlo Pro Security System

The premises of your precious house need 24*7 surveillance, and this cannot be done with manpower alone. Manpower is not entirely trustworthy and can burn a huge hole in your budget. So what is the ultimate solution to your home security needs? The answer lies with Arlo Pro security system. Arlo is already a leading name in the surveillance industry. It has previously come up with great indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras that are good for both home and business requirements. However, this is the first time that Arlo has arrived with an all-rounder of sorts. The Arlo Pro is the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor surveillance, and it comes with three HF cameras that can be fitted anywhere around the house or office premises. The cameras are wireless and are extremely light-weight and easy to mount.

There is a 100-decibel siren which is activated by motion and sound sensors. This means that your home or office is in safe hands even when you are a million miles away. Who needs manpower when the future belongs to gadgets like this?
There is one minor issue with the Arlo Pro. The HD recording comes with a delay of a few seconds, and this can be a problem if you want a live feed of your home or office environment. The time of a recorded event can be misleading if there is any delay in the recording and can pose a problem when you are investigating any previously recorded event such as a robbery.
Three HF cameras Delay in recording
Batteries are rechargeable
Wireless devices

The Arlo pro security is the best you can get in the security surveillance market. The Arlo pro will definitely give you your money’s worth with its high-end features and wireless solutions.

10. Blink Home Security – Surveillance at Its Best

Blink Home Security

The last one on the power list of surveillance systems for small business and your home or office comes with the best motion detection system. With an HD video resolution, inbuilt motion sensors and cloud storage facility, the Blink Home Security is the perfect solution for your home security needs. It comes at the comfortable price on Amazon, which is a very reasonable amount for a surveillance system of this caliber.

It has everything that you can want from a home security camera systems and even comes with a live video streaming facility that records video clips without your intervention in a case of any suspicious movement that is recorded. The motion sensors are of the highest quality possible and the video works perfectly even in low lighting situations.

There is cloud storage facility on the Blink Home security system and you do not have to opt for any monthly subscription plans as well. This one is a very good deal in this price range, and you cannot go wrong with the Blink Home Security at your disposal.
The only drawback of this security system is perhaps the lack of a 360-degree viewing angle. If you want to keep track of the overall premises from a single camera, then this one might be a bit of a disappointment. Although it comes with two blink cameras that can be mounted at convenient locations around the house, there is no way you can get a 360-degree view of your home or office premises.
Live streaming Needs wi-fi connectivity to function
Highly sensitive motion detection Lack of rotational view
Inexpensive storage facility

Go for the Blink Home Security if you are on a budget and still need a surveillance system for your apartment. The Blink security is ideal for small homes and single cubicles. It is a hassle-free system that is easily mounted and can be expanded with more cameras as well if required. The motion detection is world-class, and the cloud storage is a necessary addition to this surveillance system. All in all, this one is for the budget conscious, low maintenance folks.


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