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Do You Need Trusted Kenmore Dryer Repair? Find Out In This Post



Dryers are arguably one of the greatest home appliance inventions since the washing machine. In the old days, the only thing that was harder than scrubbing all of your laundries down on a washboard was hanging all of the water-laden laundries up on a tight string that was blowing around in the wind.

The advent of the dryer made it so that all you needed to do was throw your wet clothes into a big box with a heated spinning cylinder before walking away. Besides being easier on your arms, dryers also a lot quicker, more sanitary and immune to freak rainstorms.

Because dryers are so simple, it’s easy to use them every day without ever stopping to think about how great they are. When they decide to break down and stop working, however, we’re reminded just how much we need them.

What’s Wrong With Your Dryer?

Kenmore is known for making some of the best home appliances around the world. Their lineup of signature washers and dryers are innovative, high-tech, and engineered to the highest levels of quality. Despite these high standards, though, everyday use can put a toll on even the best dryers.

Most people who call in looking for Kenmore dryer repair are facing one or multiple of the following symptoms:

  • Dryer doesn’t properly heat up
  • Dryer only runs half cycles
  • Dryer doesn’t power on properly
  • Dryer makes strange noises or is smoking

A new dryer can cost a fortune, so why buy a brand new one when you can just have it repaired? Most of the problems listed above are relatively easy and quick fixes for Fix Appliances skilled technicians.

Why Fix Appliances?

Fix Appliances has built a reputation for providing the highest quality of Kenmore dryer repair in Greater Toronto. They are the three-time winner of Homestars Best Of award for local appliance repair, and their customers will back up their reputation any day.

15 Years of Experience

Fix Appliances has been performing repairs for over 15 years and their technicians are all TSSA certified. This means that they have the tools and knowledge that they need to fix your Kenmore appliances quickly and efficiently.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fix Appliances guarantees your satisfaction. They’ve built a reputation for doing the right thing and treating customers with the respect that they deserve. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your service or the repairs fail shortly after the appointment, Fix Appliances will do everything that is in their power to make it right.

High-Quality Parts and Repair

Most bootleg repair services use cheap parts from China that are made of brittle and easy-to-break materials. They’ll come in, claim to fix your appliance, and they won’t answer the phone when it breaks a week later.

Fix Appliances uses the only factory approved OEM parts for their Kenmore dryer repair.

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