6 Best Entertainment Centers with TV Mounts

Having an entertainment center in your home is a smart way to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and even games in an organized way. In addition, you also enjoy the aesthetic advantage.

Entertainment centers come in various sizes and designs. While some would suffice as stands for your TV, others come with specialized TV mounts that make for additional height. If for any reason you prefer entertainment centers with TV mounts attached to them, this post is for you.

Best Entertainment Centers with TV Mounts: Out Top 6 Picks

Choosing the right entertainment center from the heap of options available on the market can be a head-scratching experience. So, we decided to make the selection process an easy-peasy one for you by comparing the best options on the market in terms of factors that really matter — size, design, durability, ease of assembly, buyer reviews, and price.

And here are some of our top picks.

1. Walker Edison Wood TV Stand with Mount


Walker Edison is one of the most popular companies known for producing quality furniture. This company produces several furniture products that enhance the ambiance of rooms. One such piece of furniture is the Walker Edison Wood TV Stand with Mount.

This wooden construction is a mix of a TV stand and a mount, bringing the retro and modern together in one piece. The stand has the capacity to carry TVs that are up to 58 inches. It also has additional spaces wide enough to store away other gadgets and appliances.

It has a rectangular shape with four legs to ensure that it is stable on the floor. This product is designed with standard MDF material along with laminate. These materials ensure that the product is durable. The colors available include black, charcoal, natural, espresso, traditional brown, rustic oak, and white.

This durable TV stand simplifies cable management since there are open ports discreetly carved behind it – out of sight – to effectively manage cable clutters. Its compartments can be used to store DVDs, home theaters, power sockets, remote controllers, and even magazines.

There is always the challenge of setting up this furniture TV stand and mount. There is an instruction guide to help you with installing the stand, and it is pretty self-explanatory.


  • Covered with a coating of powder steel mount.
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Adjustable stand that accommodates several sizes of TVs.
  • Adjustable shelf spaces to accommodate different gadgets and belongings.
  • Cable management system to clear up clutter.


  • Weak bolts, screws, and wooden pieces.
  • Slabs may get damaged in transit.
  • A little pricey compared to other TV stands in the same category.

2. 5Rcom Universal Floor TV Stand with Swivel Mount


A TV stand contributes to helping you recreate a cinema experience in your home. It also helps to protect your investment in the TV so that it doesn’t fall over. This TV stand from 5Rcom is one of the best TV stands with mounts.

The first thing that strikes you about this stand is the adjustable mount. You can adjust the swivel to suit your preferences per time. Along with this, you are assured of long-term durability. Since the mount is attached to the TV stand, you don’t have to damage your wall. It also means that you can move the whole unit easily when the need arises.

You can use this TV stand for TVs between 32 and 65 inches. It is also compatible with the VESA mounting holes that come with many flat-screen TVs today.

The design of this shelf makes it easy for you to station it against a wall. You can also place it in the corner of a room. It all depends on what works for you. This piece of furniture is a great addition if you prefer a modern look to match your existing décor.

The universal TV stand from 5Rcom comes with four wide shelf compartments. You can keep other gadgets here to keep your space orderly. It was designed using a quality walnut practical board. This makes it able to hold TVs of up to 88 pounds in weight. The middle and bottom shelves can hold up to 22 pounds each.

Wire management can be a serious challenge when using TV stands. You don’t have to worry about that with this TV stand. It comes with a metal tube located behind to hide away all your cables. Each layer of shelves has small holes to make passing the cables into the tube easier.

The feet of this TV stand are adjustable. This feature helps you keep the TV stand steady even on uneven floors.


  • Sturdy and stable design.
  • Five years warranty.
  • Adjustable feet and swivel.
  • Extra hardware and mounting screws.


  • Height adjustment parts aren’t so efficient.

3. Rfiver TV Stand with Swivel Bracket Mount


Are you in search of a stylish TV stand to fit into your living room? The Rfiver TV stand fits this description. First of all, it isn’t bulky and it is made of tempered glass instead of wood like the other stands above. There are several other reasons why this TV stand from Rfiver ranks among the best entertainment console with TV mounts.

The TV stand presents you with multiple shelf spaces that provide enough room for storing other gadgets. It has a rectangular shape while the bracket mount above comes with swiveling capabilities. As a result, you can adjust the angle of the mount to suit your viewing position without stress.

The Rfiver TV Stand with Swivel Bracket Mount comes in various designs. One comes with two shelves, and another has three shelves along with a tabletop. This TV stand isn’t humongous; it is just perfect to fit into the corner of your living room. The tempered glass is durable and strong enough to carry a few gadgets. However, we suggest that you use this TV stand if you don’t have young kids or pets around.

The black tempered glass mixed with the metal shelves gives this stand a modern look. It is a nice option if you already have a modern-themed décor. This design also comes with a bracket lock that keeps your TV locked in place so it doesn’t topple over.

Rfiver put a lot into the construction of this TV stand to ensure that it is durable. It is strong enough to carry up to 110 pounds of weight on the tabletop. You can also adjust the heights of the shelves to six different positions. This makes it ideal for storing all kinds of gadgets and accessories. It also ensures that your TV is at eye level so that you don’t have neck pain from viewing at awkward angles.


  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Compact design.
  • Cable management system.
  • Durable construction.


  • No instruction manual.
  • Not great for use with cable antenna.

4. Whalen Payton Brown Cherry 3-in-1 Flat Panel TV Stand


This TV stand has a classy design, making it a great fit for just about any kind of décor. It comes with several features that make it earn a place on our list. One that catches the eye at a glance is the 3-in-1 display system.

This means that you can choose from three available options to mount your TV. Most people stick with the swivel TV mount. This mount can adjust up to 45 degrees which gives you a lot of viewing freedom. But that’s not all.

It has sleek curved legs that carry the three open shelves. While the legs come in brown cherry color, the shelves are coated black. These colors can fit into just about any décor color theme. The great thing about this stand is that you have lots of space to put gadgets and accessories away.

The Whalen Payton Brown Cherry 3-in-1 Flat Panel TV Stand is so versatile that you can use it in any room. It is strong enough to carry TVs of up to 135 pounds and 65 inches in width. And while the sleek design seems complicated, it is very easy to assemble. This is a plus for individuals who are not assembly-savvy.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Three-in-one display options.
  • Attractive design that matches any kind of décor.


  • None that we could pick

5. FITUEYES Floor TV Stand with Mount


The FITUEYES Floor TV Stand with Mount Height Adjustable Monitor Stand Base has several features that catch the eye. The manufacturers have a reputation for producing top-quality home furniture. The wood floor stand can carry TVs of between 32 inches and 65 inches. This versatility is one of the reasons it is on this list.

It is compatible with TVs from different manufacturers. The stand comes with an adjustable mount that can be positioned in different ways. With this, you can have your TV at eye level regardless of your chairs or viewing position. The mount can also swivel up to 40 degrees either left or right depending on your position. All of these contribute to a better viewing experience.

You can also adjust the legs that carry the TV stand to maintain stability regardless of the platform. Many people prefer TV stands because of storage needs. This TV stand doesn’t fail in this regard. It presents you with enough storage space for your gadgets and accessories like cable boxes, BluRay players, and game consoles.

That’s not all; this TV stand is versatile and easy to move around. Assembling this piece of furniture is a stroll in the park. You can finish up within minutes with the help of the easy-to-understand instruction manual. The bolts and nuts come with specific labels to make it easy to know which ones to use every time.

The mount is simple and elegant but most of all, it doesn’t eat up your space. As a result, you can place it anywhere in your home. The stand also comes with an efficient cable management system to hide your cables away. Finally, the stand is sturdy and designed with durable materials to make it last long.


  • Sturdy design.
  • Swivel and adjustable mount.
  • Easy to assemble because of the understandable instruction manual.
  • Efficient cable management system.


  • Holes don’t seem to line up properly.

6. FITUEYES Wood TV Stand Media Console with Mount Base


This is another top-quality TV stand with a mount from FITUEYES. The stand is made from quality wood and has the capacity of holding TVs between 32 inches and 70 inches. It can hold curved and flat LED or LCD screens so you are covered regardless of your screen.

The VESA bolt pattern on the mount helps you to secure your TV to the mount. As a result, you are assured that the TV won’t fall or slide off. It comes with an adjustable mount to enable you to adjust the height by 2 levels. You can also adjust the swivel by up to 25 degrees. Both features work in tandem to ensure that you enjoy a great viewing experience. After adjusting the height, there is a hook that helps you hold the mount in place. This keeps it from falling back to the previous level since this may cause damage to your TV.

Storage space is very important when picking out a TV stand. The FITUEYES Wood TV Stand Media Console with Mount Base has lots of space to hold your other equipment and accessories. It is strong enough to carry up to 110 pounds of weight on the mount. The stand also comes with adjustable shelves so that you can tweak the height to accommodate your gadgets.

There is a metal tube behind the stand that is designed to handle cable management. You can pass your cords through this metal tube to hide them from sight and clean up the clutter. Each compartment has pre-designed holes to make it easy for you to thread the metal tube.

The TV stand also comes with adjustable feet to carry the load. You have this luxury so that when you place the stand on an uneven surface, it maintains balance. This unit is very easy to install as it comes with an instruction manual to provide clarity. It has all the tools you need for the installation process, making the setup very convenient.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Adjustable swivel mount.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Tools for installation are included.
  • The instruction manual is understandable.


  • Color options can be better.
  • Shelving may be super-thin.


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