LG LFCS27596S – Review

August 19, 2023

The LG LFCS27596S is a high-end French door refrigerator that offers ample space and innovative features to make storing food convenient. With 25.6 cubic feet of capacity, this stainless steel fridge provides generous room for most families’ storage needs.

Interior Design

Inside the LFCS27596S, you’ll find spill-proof tempered glass shelves that are easy to clean and adjustable to accommodate various item sizes. The freezer features three clear storage bins for visibility and organization. LG’s Door-in-Door compartment provides a convenient place to access frequently used items without fully opening the refrigerator door. This helps maintain interior temperatures. The full-width bottom drawer is perfect for party platters, sheet cakes, or large containers.

Temperature Controls

This LG fridge contains independent temperature controls for the refrigerator and freezer sections. Use the digital touch control panel to precisely set temperatures between 33-46°F for the refrigerator and -5 to 5°F for the freezer. This level of precision helps keep foods properly chilled at the optimum temperature for freshness. The Linear Compressor operates more efficiently and quietly than conventional compressors.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Several advanced features work together to maintain the correct temperatures and airflow necessary for food preservation. LG’s Multi Air Flow cooling system uses vents throughout the fridge to circulate air and eliminate hot spots. The Fresh Air Filter helps remove odors to keep the interior smelling fresh. The refrigerator also includes a factory-installed ice maker with room for bulk ice storage in the freezer.

Smart Functionality

The LFCS27596S model comes Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control temperatures, lighting, and diagnose issues using the ThinQ app on your smartphone. This adds convenience, allowing you to adjust fridge settings from anywhere. The refrigerator automatically monitors and records temperatures over time, sending you alerts if the doors are left open or a malfunction occurs. This smart performance data provides peace of mind.

Design Aesthetic

This French door refrigerator matches any modern kitchen with its sleek stainless steel exterior and contoured doors. The stainless finish resists smudging and fingerprints. With minimalist, hidden hinges and streamlined handles, the overall look is contemporary and sophisticated. LED lighting throughout the interior adds bright illumination without the heat of older bulbs.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy usage, the 25.6 cubic foot LFCS27596S model is estimated to cost around $80 per year to run. It has received an Energy Star Most Efficient 2022 certification and meets or exceeds the latest government requirements for energy efficiency. The tighter door seals, quality insulation, and advanced compressor all contribute to lowering operating costs.

Overall Quality

LG produces premium refrigerators that compete strongly with brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, and Kenmore based on reviews and tests. The company offers a 1 year full warranty plus an additional 4 years on the compressor, demonstrating its confidence in the product’s quality. Owners praise the LG LFCS27596S French door model for its spacious design, temperature accuracy, friendly user interface, and quiet operation. It receives high marks for user satisfaction.

This LG refrigerator represents a significant investment at around $3,300, but most reviewers state the superb performance and luxurious French door style make it worthwhile for high-end homes. If you seek abundant refrigerator capacity along with smart functionality and elegant aesthetics, the 25.6 cubic foot LFCS27596S deserves consideration.

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