8 Best Beekeeping Starter Kits In 2022

Beekeeping Starting Kit

Managing bees can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple colonies to take care of. Fortunately, there are some bee hive starter kits that you can use to help extract honey for the next season. Let us educate you on the top 8 bee hive kits to help your colonies grow and make their honey naturally.

1. Goodland Bee Supply 2 Frame Honey Extractor

Fair warning though, this a manual crank extractor kit. This means that if you have over 10 colonies, you might want to opt for an electric kit. We recommend this device for beekeepers with 1-10 colonies only.

Still, you’ll get a lot of utility when using the Goodland Bee Supply 2 Frame Honey Extractor. The kit has a ¾ inch wooden supers which help snap the extractor in place. 

Are you looking for a high-quality beekeeping starter kit? The Goodland Bee Supply 2 Frame Honey Extractor has enough additional accessories and features to help first-time bee owners process honey without much issue. It’s currently on Amazon at a price around $347.

One thing that we’ve noticed about this device is its 3 piece leg stand. This makes it easier to offload the honey without it accidentally spilling. Thus, you’ll be able to process frames and keep the honey pure.

Beekeepers like this beehive starter kit because of its 20 pre-waxed plastic foundations. The foundations are made by Pierce, who has a reputation for making bee friendly foundations that promote quick honeycomb production with minimal rejection.

Product Features:

  • 20 Frames
  • Frame Spacer
  • Honey Uncapping Knife
  • Uncapping Roller
  • (20) Pre-waxed plastic foundations

Get it today if you want a tool that will help manage your bee’s honey frames more effectively.

2. Mann Lake Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

Some consumers discussed their concerns with this extractor. Unfortunately, the beehive body and the bottom board don’t fit properly. We suggest that you get a replacement if this problem occurs to you.

You’ll find a lot of value out of the Mann Lake Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit if you have 1-10 colonies to manage. 

The Mann Lake Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit is the best beekeeping starter kit available. Not only does it have a hive body that’s 9 ⅝ inches in size, but it comes already painted. You should get this on Amazon at a price around $221.

First, the starter kit has a 9 ⅛ wood frame that has a waxed foundation, an inner cover, and comes fully assembled. This makes it easier for you get started and begin processing frames immediately.

And, it has multiple accessories that can help extract honey faster. For example, it has a bee veil, leather gloves, hive tool, and a bee smoker. With these accessories, you’ll find it easier to manage your bees and make high-quality honey.

Product Features:

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • (10) 9 ⅛ wood frames
  • Dimensions: 22” x 18 ½” x 13 1/7”
  • Alexander bee veil
  • Hive tool

For beginners who want to get started, the kit is pre-assembled and helps your bees create honey with ease.

3. Official Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6 Frame

However, some consumers disliked the quality of the wooden knobs of the device. The wooden knobs would fall off, and some of the bees were unable to store honey inside the flow frame. Check the contents of your frame before using it and get a replacement if this happens.

We believe that the Official Flow Hive Classic Extractor is a great choice for those who want a manual extraction device. 

Ranked third is the Official Flow Hive Classic Extractor. It’s crafted by their premium Western Red Cedar and can hold up to 6 flow frames. This means that you can support up to 300 bees at once! Buy it on Amazon at a price about $701.

Flow, the founders behind this product, use their patented Flow Hive technology to create this extractor. As a result, it helps the bees process honey frames without showing any gaps in quality. For professional beekeepers, this extractor will help make pure honey each time you use it.

Additionally, beekeepers like this device because of its simple honey extraction. Beekeepers are able to extract honey without getting stung by bees (Flow still recommends that you use a bee suit). Place the flow key inside the keyframe and rotate it 90 degrees so that honey can flow into the honey jar.

Product Features:

  • Low hive technology
  • BPA Free
  • Langstroth Style Beehive
  • Resistant to Insects and Fungus
  • Bee-friendly

Not only does it have an easy extraction feature for beginners, but it also keeps the bees safe and ready to produce more honey. If you really want a reliable beekeeper kit, then this product will be a great asset.

4. Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit

But, you have to look out for the kit’s joints that come included with it. Some consumers stated that the joints wouldn’t fit with the device, making it harder for your bees to extract the honey. Make sure to read the instruction manual and install each part correctly before using this device.

Overall, the Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit is a valuable kit for first-time users. With its entrance reducer, you can manage how many bees are extracting honey with no issue. 

The Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit is a great kit for professionals and novices alike. While it requires assembly to get started, it has everything needed to produce pure and clean honey from your bees. Find it on Amazon at a price around $171.

You’ll like this extractor if you have over 6 colonies and need to manage about 10+ honey frames. It has 10 medium and 10 large separated frames. With this extractor, you’ll have enough room and space to ensure that each frame is utilized by your bees.

The body of the kit has a dimension ratio of 23″ x 18″ x 19″. It includes nails and pre-cut joints to help you assemble the device. And, it has a metal telescoping roof and an inner cover to protect the kit from tough weather conditions.

Product Features:

  • 20 Frame Hive 10 Medium 10 Deep Frames included
  • Entrance Reducer
  • Queen Excluder
  • Medium/Deep Super Frame with Foundations
  • Solid Bottom Board

Try it today if you want to keep your bee colonies producing mass amounts of honey with no problem.

5. Valley Bee Supply Bee Hive (10 Frame)

But, some beekeepers questioned the product’s lack of wood quality. The wood tends to chip off after a few uses, which can accidentally harm your bees if you’re not careful. Always check the wood before using this device to ensure that it doesn’t cause any additional problems or interfere with your bees honey production.

Basically, the Valley Bee Supply Bee Hive is one of the best bee hive kits for beginners. Users like this kit because it can keep their bees managed able to produce a large amount of honey. 

Fifth on our list is the Valley Bee Supply Bee Hive. It weighs about 40 lbs, making it very lightweight and easy to carry. Professionals like this device because they can quickly grip the handles and transport it to another location if needed. Get this on Amazon at a price about $171.

When unboxing it, beekeepers notice that the joints were pre-drilled for the screws. We recommend that you drill the holes about ¼ an inch so that you can reduce the chances of the wood splitting when you add screws into it.

And, the Valley Bee Supply Bee Hive has a good build construction. For instance, it has an IPM screened bottom board which stops the honey from slipping out of the extractor. Buy this product if you want to keep all of your honey in one place.

Product Features:

  • Telescoping Top
  • Two Medium Boxes
  • Two Deep Boxes
  • IPM Screened Bottom
  • Counting Grid

You should get this today if you want to have a reliable and efficient way of getting your honey extracted in less than 4 hours.

6. BuildaBeehive 10 Frame Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit

Beekeepers gave critical reviews about the product’s lack of instructions. This makes it harder for beginners to assemble the device and start producing honey. If this happens, we suggest that you get the help of a professional to ensure that it works correctly.

Mainly, the BuildaBeehive 10 Frame Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit is the best options available if it’s your first time extracting honey. While the instructions can be difficult at first, you’ll still have an extracting system that holds up to 10 frames. Thus, you’ll get a lot of utility out of this device once you get the hang of it.

The BuildaBeehive 10 Frame Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit is an amazing beginner beekeeping kit. When using it, consumers were able to start extracting honey once they snap the foundations into the frames. You can get this on Amazon at a price about $307.

We also like the accessories that come with the device. It has a bee veil, hive tool, smoker and fuel, and a pair of gloves. With these accessories, beekeepers were able to extract honey faster and more efficiently.

You can choose to either keep or remove the queen excluder that comes with the kit. Doing so will help separate the queens away from the bees so that they can focus and effectively produce the honey.

Product Features:

  • 20 Plastic Foundation Sheets
  • Sting Resistant Gloves
  • One Entrance Feeder
  • All-Purpose Hive Tool Included
  • 10 Frames

7. Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Bee Hive

But, there were some consumer complaints about this device. For instance, some of the ends don’t line up, cracked boards, and has a limited life expectancy of 1-2 years. You should only get this starter kit if you plan on replacing it afterward.

Mainly, the Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Bee Hive should be considered if you need a reliable beekeeping kit to help get started. Since it weighs only 40 pounds, even beginner beekeepers won’t find issues moving the device around their backyard. Because of this, it is a great asset if you need help managing your bees.

Ranked seventh on our list is the Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Bee Hive. Unlike other products, this beehive reduces the stress of your worker bees; which allows them to produce honey naturally. If you want this device, it’s on Amazon at a price around $151.

With its cedar wood construction, its one of the more sturdier bee kits in this review. And it has a peaked roof which is designed to keep your bees inside while they create their honey frames. This helps beekeepers who have large bee colonies by providing one centralized place for them to work and extract honey.

Another reason why some owners like this starter kit are because of its simple assembly. On average, it only takes about 45 minutes to get the device up and running. Just add wood glue to the connecting points, and you’ll be able to get started.

Product Features:

  • 20 Plastic Foundation Sheets
  • Sting Resistant Gloves
  • One Entrance Feeder
  • All-Purpose Hive Tool Included
  • 10 Frames

8. Mann Lake Complete Beehive Kit

Some consumers complained about the packaging of the kit. For example, some of the kit’s packaging came with splintery wood and staples that are haphazardly placed on the exterior. Send it back for a replacement if this problem ever occurs to you.

The Mann Lake Complete Beehive Kit is one of the most versatile bee hive kits available. With its dimension ratio of 22″ x 17 ½” x 13 1/7″, your bees will have enough space to operate and produce honey with no issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or expert beekeeper, you’ll find a lot of utility once you buy this starter kit.

Last on our list is the Mann Lake Complete Beehive Kit. To use the kit, all you need is to gather the bees and “install” them. The frames are lightweight yet sturdy enough to stay in one place while your bees are extracting honey. It’s currently sold on Amazon at a price around $111.

Each of the ten frames included with the kit is made of pine. This provides more insulation and helps your bees stay warm throughout the winter. If you live in a colder climate or you need a fully functional beehive kit, this is the right one for you.

What makes this kit stand out from the competition is the quality of the foundation. Once the bees have used the foundation, you can add an additional deep hive body. This allows your bees to extract more honey and keep the machine operating in good condition.

Product Features:

  • Comes fully assembled
  • 10 frame 9 ⅝ inch painted body
  • Dimensions: 22” x 18 ½” x 13 1/7”
  • Ten 9 ⅛ frames with Rite-Cell Foundation
  • Painted Telescoping Cover


Are you wondering what else you’ll need in order to keep your bees safe while they’re creating honey? Here are some features you need to consider when getting your first Beekeeper Starter Kit:

  • Frames – bees build honeycombs and read the brood. Also, they store pollen and honey in this area. The frames hang in the hive body and have a wax-coated foundation where the honey is built. There are multiple sizes to choose from, but its best to pick a standard size.
  • Covers – The outer and inner cover protects the bees. You need to keep the upper section covered at all times.
  • Mite Screen – This section was made to prevent varroa mites from tampering with the honey.
  • Feeder – Your bees need a 1:1 sugar/water ratio before they seek their own food. The feeder is designed for this purpose.
  • Queen excluder – Use this as a barrier and stop the queen from entering the section that’s made for honey production and storage.
  • Bottom Board – The bottom board helps the bee enter the extractor and as a base for the hive. There is a reducer that’s made to regulate how many bees can enter it.
  • Hive Stand – helps keeps the hive away from the ground.

When Should I Obtain My Bees?

Usually, you’ll want to install a new bee colony in the spring; the timing will depend on your location. If you have a local supplier, they can give you some advice. If you are buying bees via mail, connect with local beekeepers, any who will have the right answer for you.

We recommend that you preorder your bees during the winter, preferably in December or January. Most suppliers sell out of bees before the spring season, and after all of your preparation and anticipation, you don’t want this kind of issue.

Equipment Essentials

No matter what product you buy, you’re going to need some high-quality equipment to help you further take care of your bees.

Bee Brush

You can buy one, or if you have birds or hunt frequently, you can use a large feather. However, the quill will have to be stiff in order for it to work. While you can shake them off, you run the risk of damaging the bees and slowing down their honey production.

Suit, Jacket, or Veil

Every beekeeper needs one of these If you have over 10 colonies, you should buy a suit so that you can manage them effectively. For jackets, you should get one that has a zip on veil because it’s easier to take off when you’re finished. Always buy a beekeeper veil to protect your face from getting accidentally stung by bees.

Hive Tools

For hive management, any flat bar tool will do the trick. One of our favorite options is a light cleaver (a short blade that’s 6” long and 1 ½” wide). Alternatively, you can opt for an Italian Hive Tool if you need extra leverage when moving your bees.


As a beekeeper, it’s important to keep your bees managed properly so they can make honey for the spring season. Any product you choose will help you treat your swarm and keep them safe from outside ailments. Conclusively, buy one of these starter kits to ensure that you’ll have pure honey while maintaining a healthy colony!

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