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Best RC Boats 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Boats are an early invention of humankind. They have been used by men since prehistoric times either for traveling or for trading purposes. The exact date of its invention cannot be stated, but it is as ancient as we can go back to. It probably began with Noah’s ark or maybe even before. Nobody knows for sure. Right now, the United States has the largest industry of RC boats for sale.

But boats are not only used for business and trading. They are now widely used for a recreational purpose, and remote control speed boats or remotely operated boats are becoming popular with time. Yes, RC-boats are now the ‘in thing.’ The fact is that the fast remote control boats are being used today by people of all ages.

Boat Length

Gas Powered | Max Speed


1. Pro Boat Rock Star 48 Catamaran

48 Inch

Yes | 40 MPH

2. AquaCraft Rio 51Z (RTR)

57 Inch

Yes | 45 MPH

3. Traxxas 5707 Spartan VXL

36.6 Inch

No | 50 MPH

4. Traxxas 57076 Spartan Rc Boat

24 Inch

No | 50 MPH

5. Pro Boat Voracity Type E

36 Inch

No | 50 MPH

6. Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran Boat

40 Inch

No | 35 MPH

7. Pro Boat Impulse V3

31 Inch

No | 45 MPH

8. Marine Max Boat RTR NBR87140

17 Inch

No | 25 MPH

9. UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

17.5 Inch

No | 15 MPH

10. FT007 High-Speed Racing RC Boat

14 Inch

No | 13 MPH

The best part about the radio controlled or RC boats are that these boats are manufactured keeping in mind the demands of the younger generation. These boats are easier to operate and are of course much faster than the previous models. In recent years, the popularity of these types of modern boats has only increased amongst boat enthusiasts all across the world. No wonder then the prices of RC boats have also soared sky high in recent times.

It is important to keep in mind that the price itself does not decide whether a boat is going to fulfill all your expectations. You should be aware of which features are actually required and which are just add-on’s to increase the price needlessly.

There have been many critical reviews on which boats are the best RC boats of 2020. We are here to delve into the hidden aspects of what goes into making the perfect RC boat. Let us check out some of the top most models of RC boats for all the enthusiastic hobbyists out there.

1. Pro Boat Rock Star 48 Catamaran

You can experience the speed and mega performance of it at a great affordable price. What you have to worry about is that sometimes the spare parts might not come in handy and those with new radio controlling hobbies might find it difficult to handle them at one go
The spare parts are readily available
It has good speed and looks like a million bucks

Overall it’s a one of high maintenance gas powered rc boats. It’s a lot of fun when you figure everything out. If you’re looking for a relaxing time driving the boat and having fun this is not for you.

The name itself says that this boat is a rock star and is 48 inches in size that will make you drool over its performance even more.

In the world of remote control boats, this is a revolutionary one which will make your RC boat experience even more enjoyable and exciting.

The features of it are way too good. It has powerful water cooled dynamite 26cc gas engine. It has a large scale server too and along with it comes a removable composite radio tray. The speed that it provides would be of40+MPH.
Sometimes there might be a bit of problem in handling it due to the failure in the radio handling for the failure in the ports. Other than that it is a yes-yes for this RC boat.

This boat is for advanced/experienced user and does require heavy lifting, its time consuming and a lot of effort compared to ease of use.

Other than that this is the product that should and must get your attention. Go for it and enjoy your boat ride in the radio-controlled world.

2. AquaCraft Rio 51Z (RTR) Gas Boat

What not to fall in love with this magnificent model? Well, the size and the speed that it offers are going to blow your mind.

The features attached to this RC boat are one of a kind and has been a great offering to the users that are wild about gas powered rc boats.

The beauty of this boats is that it has a lot of well-made details and destined for both intermediate and advanced boating racers.

The boat looks very nice despite it has a very simple design.  I forecast the strong value for the money with this boat, so let’s take a look a little bit deeper.

Other than that there is nothing to be worried about this particular boat. Take whichever color you want, switch it on and carry your hobby forward
It comes in three colors- red, blue and yellow. The handling might go a bit upsetting when the ports are not that good.
Its length is 1.3m
Its beam is 340m
Its weight is 64kg
It is made up of anodized aluminum and polished steel.
All onboard components have been made inside a water tight section.
It has to pull start as well GrimRacer starting belt which is a quite good one.

Those who need the practical experience with full energy in their RC boat riding experience can go for it. This model is also considered as one of the best rc boats for adults.

3. Traxxas 5707 Spartan VXL

There are Traxxas power NiMH batteries in it. There might be at times problem arising out of connection with LAN ports in such radio controlled toys. This might come as a demerit to the user. Keeping out of it we can see that most performance that this model will be giving you is also a promising one because they will give immense satisfaction while using and controlling it.
It has a great design that is both streamlined and stylish
Lots of shades to choose from

This is another toy boat that will be at your service whether to gift it or use it for your hobby purpose; it will satisfy you to the most level and is taken as one of the newest remote control boat for kids or any other person.

Traxxas 5707 Spartan VXL is that kind of boat you would expect from Traxxas boats. Awesome features like Extreme Velineon brushless power, ballistic speed and a huge waterfall of roost that rains down long after the boat speeds by.

The awesome speed of 50+ mph across the water on optional 6S LiPo power will make even the most insatiable.

There is a safety mechanism in the programming of the radio/transmitter (hand control with the steering wheel) that cuts the power down to 20% using lipo batteries in order to prevent damage to the batteries. This prevents over-discharging the batteries and “puffing” or in reality ruining them. DO NOT use puffed lipo batteries as they can be VERY hazardous.

When we go through the features, it is obvious that your eyes would have remained wide open with excitement about when to get the product. You can consider this boat as one of the best rc boats for adults.

4. Traxxas 57076 Spartan Brushless Muscle Boat

The name itself signifies the power of this particular boat. There is a reason that this boat has been put on this list because it surely is one of its kinds and for the known people they will be drooling over it after reading its features.

This boat does everything you could ever want a boat to do. It has brutal acceleration and top speed, it handles remarkably well given that it’s a 3-foot boat going faster than some real boats.

This is something all will want to get their hands into. So let’s check out that what makes it so unique?

  • It has a deep-V hull(hull length is around 927mm)
  • Height of 147mm and weight of 2041 g
  • Its length and breadth as measured come to 1037mm and243mm respectively.
The deep-v hull helps to increase the speed of the remote control sailboat. Sometimes there might occur a bit of control issue due to the ports, except for which there is nothing to not go for this model.
Water cooling and waterproofing by VXL-6s.
Traxxas High-current Connectors.
6S LiPo is compatible with built-in Low-Voltage Detection.
Waterproof high-torque steering servo along with sleek design

Above all, it can be said that with this piece you are going to rock like a hurricane except for the fact that there might not be as much as positivity if there wasn’t negativity.

5. Pro Boat Voracity Type E Deep-V Brushless

It has a length and breadth of914.4mm and 279.4mm respectively. It can be a little difficult to handle this one if you are new to boating.
Its weight is 2.8kg with a speed of 50+Mph with 6s LiPo. The mechanisms are a little complicated.
The material of the hull is fiberglass composite and is deep-V hull.
The colors are very attractive that will be in – metallic blue, white, gold.
The design is way too impressive.
The radio system is Spektrum DX2E.

Speed is what needed by those who have the hobby of RC boats in their life. It’s quite natural to want speed when you are using a boat that is radio controlled.

The Pro Boat Voracity Type E Deep-V Brushless: RTR PRB08018 Toy Boat, 36″ seems like another one that will help you with the want of the speed racing on water.

The boat is fairly responsive to controls, easy to operate for all levels. Compared to other RC hobbies no experience is necessary. Would not happen with anything RC that flies or drives as fast as this boat.

Did not GPS but approximately 50 mph out of the box with 11,1V 50C 5000MAH x2. About 10-12 min of run time, so has extra lipo’s for extended run time.

The reason it has been on the top review is that it gives you the quality and performance as required and so it will help you, hobbyists, to completely rely on it!

There’s nothing you won’t like about this particular model. A stylish body, superior performance, and durability, this particular model has everything going for it. So grab on your boat now and get started on the exciting journey of boat racing from today.

6. Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat

The Traxxas DCB M41 is a superior model with brushless motor for a less noisy boating experience.

It comes with a lot of great features that are both eye-catching and useful. This one here will fulfill all your expectations from an RC boat, and you will never get enough of this fantastic boat.

From looks to the excellence in the performance, this boat has it all. It is a model that is specially designed for those who are obsessed with radio controlled boats.

This boat has a great design with attractive colors that will make your experience even more awesome. When you have a remote control boat that good, you can never say no to it. Moreover, this model is easily available on your favorite shopping websites.

The height and length of Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat with TQi 2.4 GHz Radio and TSM is758mm and 350mm respectively.A demerit might occur in controlling the device in case of the LAN port system.
Its weight is 8.66kg
The speed is by Velineon VXL-6s which is quite an impressive one. Don’t you think so? The speed is said to be 35+ MPH with two 3s LiPo Batteries.
The whole body is made with Composite Nylon tub.

All you have to do is grab it and show your skills in those waves and have fun. Looking for your Traxxas boats are quite easy, and you will not have to spend much on the maintenance of this one. Gift it or own it, you won’t regret this investment. Enjoy this boat as it is also considered as one of the best rc boats for adults.

7. Pro Boat Impulse 31-inch Deep-V V3 Brushless

It has a great length of about 787.4mm. Bulky, complicated mechanism
The hull is made up of optimized fiberglass and obviously, the type is deep-V.
It battery setup is dual LiPo and Ni-MH.
The speed is countable here too as it can reach a speed of 45Mph which is a mind blowing thing to start with.
The colors available would be black and yellow which is pretty fierce like the performance.
The radio here too is Spektrum DX2E

When it comes to excellence in performance, this model has to be counted in. The performance with grace is what this boat defines.

Pro Boat Impulse RTR RC Boat is going to give you what you truly desire from remote controlled boats.

The Pro Boat Impulse has both style and power. It is the quintessential luxury toy and a real sign of class. You will love to flaunt this one in front of your friends.

So when you are going to set free this RC boat; nothing but only fierceness is going to take hold in the river or pond where you will be riding it through remote.

So grab your one and start creating waves of your own through the speed. This model considered as one of the best rc boats for adults.

8. Marine Max Boat RTR NBR87140

This might be the best RC boat for the money you will be investing in.

It is because it has got power and style and also the considerable rate to afford your pocket at ease.

So to get this, one of the best rc boats under $200, right straight into your brain, it is imperative that you about the things that are making it so eye catchy as well a welcoming in the RC boat family and it is much recommended that your money will certainly not be of waste and the experience will be the same too.

One good thing about this particular boat is that it has no assembly issue; it is already assembled beforehand and has a ready-to-run setup.

So when you are thinking of going easy on the pocket but also need some great features to carry on your boating spirit, the RC Marine Max will be the ideal choice for you.

Its height and length are 102mm and 432mm respectively. The speed can be difficult to maintain.
The hull type is deep-V, and its material is ABS. Full rotational viewing not possible
Its speed system is 25+MPH and is controlled by 30A BL Marine ESC-23S which is a very yes-yes situation to go with.

The design and colors and specifications are quite advanced for remote controlled boats but it still considered as one of the best rc boats for beginners.

9. UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boats for Pools

The size of the boat is 342x89x88mm. One demerit of this boat is that it can run only for 6-8 minutes which is less.
The battery power is Li-Ion 3.7v 600mAh, and for the controller, it is 4 x AA.
The battery can be recharged using USB charger which is a good thing to count on.
The weight of the boat is very less which makes it easier to go on and carry it too. It weighs 180 g only.

This is another one of the best rc boats under $200 that has made its way into our list for the most wanted RC boats of 2020. This one is said to have excellent performance outdoor in the lake, pool or pond, wherever you seem to fit it in.

The kids or the hobbyists will be very happy to use it as it gives an unbeatable speed in the water. RC boats have been developed to make you feel the speed and thrill of a boat, but you can do all this by only controlling it in through a remote.

This is what makes the Venom RC boat so unique. UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat is the model that will help you to get easy in your pocket as well because the cost is affordable and the performance is worth a take. Let’s check out how this model suits your needs.

The boat comes with many accessories and instruction manual that helps you to control it well. There is nothing to be worried about the performance, and your kid can have lots of fun using it, it is taken as the best RC boats for kids. This model is also considered as one of the best rc boats for beginners.

10. FT007 4-Channel 2.4G High-Speed Racing RC Boat

For any RC boat, the operative word is ‘speed.’ Those who are passionate about their hobby of racing with these RC boats always want that their boats should be able to provide optimum speed and undisrupted performance. The FT007 is also in the list of one of the best rc boats under $200.

The FT007 4-Channel 2.4G High-Speed Racing RC Boat lives up to its name and delivers what it promises to its users.

It has the highest speed amongst most other RC boats in the same price bracket and never fails to surprise you with its amazing power. You can safely consider this boat as one of the best rc boats for beginners.

It is ideal for a racing boat. The FT007 is very lightweight weighing just about 10.7oz, and there are some spectacular colors available for those with an eye for style.

With a maximum speed of 13 MPH, this boat covers around 5.5 meters per minute which are higher than any other similar model. There are a few drawbacks to this one like the steering wheel on the remote, which can be difficult to maneuver.
It contains a 7.4V 700mAh Li-ion Battery which is quite impressive
Along with all these features, you get some accessories like the USB port charger, propeller and boat holder which are a plus point for this toy boat.


The technology has taken over the market and is giving a thrilling experience to everyone. You can see that nowadays everyone’s life is dependent on the remote. This is because they are super easy and reliable too. Manual labor is reduced to a great extent by using Remote Control for various electronic and other mechanical objects. They are usually good for those who have the hobby of indulging in boat races with this great type of RC boat speed, and the adrenaline rush of the water or racing is what people are willing to see with these boats.

So, you have seen the reviews of our top 10 RC boats which are worth trying for your passion, hobby, gift, fun, etc. whatever you might want to say about it. Among the above-mentioned boats are those who have also been awarded as the”best toy of the year”.

It is also to be noted that the reviews on this list and marked according to the ratings found on the previous use and its sales ratio in the market.

If you want to feel the fierceness and the speed with all the vibrant color and style in the blue water may be it a pool or pond or a river. These will be the best mentions. And in the list, we have also included those boats which will be soft on your pocket and hard on the water and performance.

After all, that’s what all matters at the end of the day. These products are now easily available in all the leading shopping sites available where you can also get some great offers and freebies along with it.

There is no age limit for having some boating fun right? Order an RC boat for yourself or your favorite family member, head to your nearest lake and start racing for fun!

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