The 10 Best Charcoal Grills

Summertime always translates to a preference to stay outside. What better way to spend your time outside than to cook some food with your family. Now everyone knows that a go-to outdoor cooking appliance is a charcoal grill.

Lucky for you, we’ve gone through all of the best charcoal grills and have found ten of them that will make this summer one you’ll never forget.

1. Hasty-Bake 290 Hastings Stainless Steel Built in Charcoal Grill

Experienced grillers love how the secondary warming rack is removable, so you can readily grill large cuts of meat.
The extremely accurate thermometers mean that no one will get sick of food poisoning. They are 99% accurate.

The only downside to using the Hasty-Bake 290 is that the firebox door doesn’t have a catch. This means whenever you open the door all the leftover ash falls straight to the ground.

If you’re searching for a charcoal grill that’s built like a tank, then you have found your answer with the Hasty-Bake 290.

On top of being built like a tank, the Hasty-Bake 290 is also one of the more versatile models out there. In fact, this grill offers so many cooking options that people will assume you’ve had it custom made.

You should continue reading this review to find out more regarding the key features of the Hasty-Bake 290:

  • To start with, the Hasty-Bake 290 can perform both direct and indirect grilling. Slow cooking similar to baking as well as conventional grilling is all a reality with the Hasty-Bake 290.
  • Regarding its durability, the Hasty-Bake 290 comes handcrafted from top tier stainless steel materials, which explains its high price tag. The combination of 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel being used translates to an extremely thick grill body, which works to your benefit.

Other Notable Features:

  • The Hasty-Bake 290 has such a large surface cooking space that all your grilling dreams can come true. Are you wondering how much space you have to work with? Let us tell you that 1,194 square inches are all yours for the taking.
  • To paint a clear picture in your head regarding its base dimensions this grill has a length of 44 inches a depth of 21 inches and a height of 52.25 inches.

Hasty-Bake made sure to include a ten-year warranty on this charcoal grill so that you can use it without any worry. However, you should make sure to take adequate care of it because it will last you a lifetime.

2. Kamado Joe BJ24NRHC Big Joe II Stand-Alone Kamado Charcoal Grill

The airlift hinge makes lifting the ceramic lid 96% easier than if the grill were to come without it.
It won’t rust and is entirely rain-proof so that you can leave it outside with no worries.

Kamado Joe has perfected designing a stand-alone charcoal grill that is extremely user-friendly. Those who already have to Kamado Big Joe Charcoal Grill should consider giving this model a try since this is the updated version.

Continue reading for a brief look at what the Big Joe II Charcoal Grill can do for you.

  • The new and improved multi-panel firebox comes with a six-piece design that puts an end to breakage.
  • The Kamado Big Joe II comes with a wire mesh fiberglass gasket that is twice as thick, which means it’ll last for a long time even with heavy use.
  • It also comes with a heat range of 225-750 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can imagine the variety of food you can dish up

Other Notable Features:

  • The flexible cooking system comes with a half rack design with multiple levels, which frees up a lot of space. You can easily cook food at varying temperatures, and on different surfaces, so you can cook rib-eyes and burgers adhering to your standard of perfection.
  • Don’t forget about the patented ash drawer that slides out. This makes cleaning an easy endeavor and something you can look forward to.

With the Big Joe II, you have a circular cooking surface that has a diameter of 24 inches you can use. If this isn’t adequate for you then perhaps you should consider purchasing another charcoal grill.

3. Hasty-Bake 415 Suburban Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

Saves patio space
Comes with a work table so you can readily prepare your meats

We can easily say that the Hasty-Bake 415 is one of the best small charcoal grills in the market. Hasty-Bake calls it the “mini-workhorse” charcoal grill because it adheres to a traditional suburban design that will complement your backyard.

Continue reading for a closer look at the Hasty-Bake 415 Charcoal Grill because maybe it’ll get the job done for your specific needs.

  • You’ll notice how much smaller the Hasty-Bake 415 is in comparison to the previous Hasty-Bake charcoal grill reviewed above. This is because this particular grill is meant to be used by singles or small families. Those who also have limited backyard space will find the Hasty-Bake to be suitable.
  • You can use the Hasty-Bake 415 for pretty much anything from smoking to baking to grilling. If you’re making a dinner for your family, you best believe that this grill will perform to your needs.

Other Notable Features

  • Those who want to put their Hasty-Bake 415 away in the garage will find that you can easily transport it since it weighs less than 100 pounds. Your standard charcoal grill that’s high-end will usually weigh anywhere between 250 to 300 pounds, so your arms will get a break with this one.
  • The stainless steel body has dimensions ranging from 23 inches in length, 16 inches in depth, and 38 inches in height.

The Hasty-Bake 415 is great value for your money because it costs half as much as the previous Hasty-Bake Charcoal Grill and can still cook your steak to perfection.

4. Dyna-Glo DGN486DNC-D Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill

Comes with a built-in thermometer with a gauge that is easy to read
You can cook up to 24 hamburgers at once

Dyna-Glo has altered the standard of charcoal grills by introducing porcelain enameled cast iron grates to the mix. This design enhancement ensures a maximum transfer of heat, so your meat cooks thoroughly and consistently every time.

  • The Dyna-Glo DGN486DNC-D comes with a charcoal tray adjustment crank that isn’t common amongst other charcoal grills. This crank makes it easy for you to customize the temperature so you can follow recipes down to the exact degree.
  • Those who hate having to get close to the fire to keep it burning will be happy to hear that the Dyna-Glo DGN486DNC-D come with a steel access door. This way you can easily access the charcoal without having to risk burning yourself.

Other Notable Features

  • For under 500, all the features that come with the Dyna-Glo DGN486DNC-D can be yours. One feature that buyers are ecstatic about is the removable pan that holds a large volume of both grease and ash. You don’t have to dig in with gloves on to remove all the leftover dirt when you can remove the tray and wash it off.
  • You have up to 686 square inches of space to use on this charcoal grill, which is more than enough for those who expect to use this for large family cookouts.

5. Broilmaster C3PK1 Charcoal Grill Package

You have precise control over temperature
Comes with Loading Doors

The Broilmaster C3PK1 has figured out the secret to cooking with charcoal and has decided to share it with you. The airflow of the charcoal grill is key to your ability to control both the smoke and heat the encompasses your food.

Understanding the features of the Broilmaster C3PK1 is the only way to appreciate how it can elevate your grilling experience fully.

  • For instance, the grill head of the Broilmaster C3PK1 is built with aluminum that is ¼-inch thick. Due to its thickness, the aluminum will heat up in evenly regardless of the weather outside.
  • The Broilmaster C3PK1 also comes with adjustable features that makes it easy to cook whatever your heart desires. If you’re planning on whipping up some burgers, you can do so by adjusting the cooking grids. You can even cook a turkey for Thanksgiving if you wanted to.

Other Notable Features

The Broilmaster C3PK1 is similar to the previously reviewed charcoal grills since it comes with the same disposable system. A major difference between this grill and the ones above is that it is made in the United States and consists of top-tier aluminum.

6. Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill

Take 45 minutes to put together
Heat is easy to monitor
Under 200

If you love the look of a traditional grill, then you’ll fall head over heels for the Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill. People especially love how easy it is to assemble, which can take a lot of pressure away since assembly tends to be the hardest part.

  • One of the best charcoal barbecue grills is the Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill since it comes with not one but two side tables. These will suffice as perfect tables to set already cooked burgers, so all your guests have to do is place the meat on their plates.
  • Another reason why the Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill is ideal for outdoor purposes is that fact that it comes with two wheels. This ensures easy mobility, so you can move it around whenever you want a change of scenery.

Other Notable Features

  • The Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill has clear-cut instructions that come in handy when having to put parts you’ve never seen before together. You might need additional tools such as a screwdriver, but you’ll most likely have that lying around so it won’t be a hassle to find.
  • In regards to its design, the Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill has a separate charcoal pan that comes with holes. The holes are meant to permit proper air circulation, so the coals underneath get hot at faster rates than if the pan were a flat one.

Before we go into how easy it is to place the parts of the Royal Gourmet 24 Inch Charcoal Grill together, you should equip yourself with information regarding the features of the product.

7. Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill

It comes with high-end parts
Easy to assemble

The top-rated charcoal grills all have one thing in common, and that is they can perform more than one grilling task. You can say that this is true of the Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill since you can do more than use it as a traditional barbeque.

Keep reading to find out what more you can use the Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill for.

  • As its name states, you can use the Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill to perform three different cooking actions. You can use it as a traditional barbecue, a fish or meat smoker, and even a motorized shish kebab.
  • You can expect that the Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill would be made out of high-end materials since it’s meant to perform three varying tasks. It comes with a professional grade black powder finish. This finish can put up with extremely high temperatures and protects your grill from appearing dirty.

Other Notable Features

  • If you expect to make good use out of the shish kebab feature, then there are some points you should keep in mind. First, you’ll be glad to hear that the Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill will include 11 custom made skewers that are 23 inches long. Blackstone went out of their way to ensure that these are the only type of skewers you can use on this grill.
  • You should also make sure to place your Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill near an electric power source since the only way the skewers will rotate is by electricity.

8. Rocky Mountain Cookware Transformer BTG-1 Outdoor Charcoal Grill

Professional Quality Materials & Build
Attachable Parts

If you prefer an outdoor grill that resembles that of a professional kitchen, then you won’t be disappointed with the Rocky Mountain Cookware Transformer BTG-1 Outdoor Charcoal Grill. Not many people have given this grill a try, but we can assure you that you should take advantage of this lack of popularity now before its price skyrockets.

It would be wise to continue reading about the Rocky Mountain Cookware Transformer BTG-1 Outdoor Charcoal Grill so you can understand the whole picture.

  • This charcoal grill comes in two sizes, one being 12 inches wide and the other being 24 inches wide. If you only take out your grill for family events, then it would be a good idea to buy the 24-inch model.
  • However, those who expect to use the Rocky Mountain Cookware Transformer BTG-1 Outdoor Charcoal Grill for personal use, the 12-inch model will suffice.

Other Notable Features

This charcoal grill is meant to have additional parts attached to it. For instance, you can attach the add-a-griddle as well as the add-a-broiler to this grill to expand the cooking you can perform on it. You can also attach a hood to it to reduce the likelihood of fire from occurring.

9. Kamado Professional Ceramic Charcoal Grill with Grill Cover

Insulated Design & Premium Build Quality

Even though this charcoal grill doesn’t come from the same manufacturer as the previously mentioned Kamado grill, this excellent charcoal bbq grill can cook a large variety of food. Keep reading to find out more about the Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado.

  • With the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado, you can readily mimic the same effect that wood oven cooking has on food. This means you can bake everything from bread to pizzas as well as a grill and smoke vegetables and meats.
  • The grating technology ensures that your burger or steaks never stick so you can always eat your entire portion of meat. They’re also bacteria resistant so that between sessions there’s less likelihood of unwanted build up.
  • With the insulated design, you’ll use less charcoal to produce more heat than other charcoal grills.

Other Notable Features

  • You have a total of 447 square inches of space to cook your family dinner, so you can let your imagination run wild, including a warming rack, which makes cooking food at different temperatures an easy feat.

10. Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker and Charcoal Grill

Very Easy to Clean & Built for Every-Day Use

Those looking to infuse that traditional smokehouse flavor into your steak will be happy to find out that the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is the answer you’ve been looking for.

  • This is definitely one of the best charcoal grills and ensures some of the most flavorful meat, so perhaps it’s time you consider adding this grill to your patio.
  • The One-Touch cleaning system makes cleaning this Weber grill completely hassle-free

Other Notable Features

  • This Weber Original Kettle charcoal grill comes with a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl to help retain heat, which makes this a very inexpensive grill to use every day.
  • It also includes a hinged cooking grate, so it’s easy to add more charcoal while mid-cooking!

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Charcoal Grills

For the money you’ll be spending on a charcoal grill, you want to make sure that it’s not going to waste. The last thing you want to do is go cheap on a charcoal grill because that can mean the difference between an excellent steak or an atrocious one.

Those who have no idea where, to begin with, regards to searching for a charcoal girl should continue reading the information below. It’ll be an eye-opening experience.

  • Affordable

For the most part, charcoal grills are relatively affordable. However, most of the ones reviewed above tend to be over $1,000 since they are top tier grills. Granted, some of these grills are significantly less, but generally, you get what you pay for – so bear that in mind if you want a grill that’s going to last for a long time!

  • Different Sizes

Since there is such a large market for charcoal grills, manufacturers have gone out of their way to ensure that there are various sizes available.

Before you finalize your charcoal grill purchase, you need to ask yourself, “Where will I use this?” If the answer is for a camping trip or a football game, then the extremely small options will be your best bet.

Those who are planning huge family cookouts should forget about using small charcoal grills and investing in a huge one. Most of the ones mentioned in this article can be classified as big grills, which will be ideal for family gatherings in the summertime.

  • Three Styles to Choose From

When it comes to charcoal grills, you need to familiarize yourself with the three different styles available. Without knowing these style choices, you’ll be going in blind when buying a charcoal grill.

The first style is a kettle charcoal grill, which is the traditional and classic model. This looks like a metallic ball on four legs. The charcoal on a kettle grill will sit on the bottom, and the smoke makes its way to the food. These are the cheapest models you’ll find available on the market.

The second style is ceramic grills, which are known to be extremely versatile since they can perform more than one cooking task. In fact, you can smoke, grill, and bake when you have a ceramic charcoal grill. It can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for baking pizzas. Last but not least, let’s not forget about the barrel grill, which resembles that of your standard gas grill. After you assemble this charcoal grill, it will appear with a round yet hinged top and fully round bottom. Those who want to perform huge cooking projects will require a barrel grill.

  • Cleaning

Keep in mind that cleaning a charcoal grill is no easy process and that it’ll take sufficient time out of your day. People typically end up trying to use the grill as less frequently as they can to avoid having to clean it.

However, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind a huge cleaning project, then owning a charcoal grill is a must.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the best charcoal grill on the market is a matter of preference on your part. You need to find a grill that suits all your needs because if it doesn’t, it will be an immense waste of money. All of the charcoal grills we have reviewed above are adequate for in-home use, so you should check them all out!

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