10 Best Commercial Popcorn Machines (2022 Review)

If you are actively seeking the best commercial popcorn machine for either business or home use, then you have come to the right place.  We have conducted meticulous and extensive research on the ten best commercial popcorn machines of 2020 for this buying guide.

Most commercial grade popcorn machines can make a large volume of quality, good tasting popcorn in a relatively short period of time.   When you are selling popcorn for a living, being able to make delicious tasting popcorn time and time again efficiently is a must.

We have reviewed and rated ten machines on the market, providing you with a frame of reference and comparison as to which one is the best for your purposes.

1. Paragon Classic Pop Popcorn Machine

Commercial grade performance
Excellent tasting popcorn
Ideal for a retail establishment
Easy to use and maintain
Aesthetically pleasing

The Paragon Classic Pop Popcorn Machine is designed similar to the machines which are utilized in movie theatres.

  • Featuring classic graphics and a bright colored cabinet, the Classic Pop is made to blend in well with all types of decors.
  • Extremely easy to use and maintain, this machine makes great tasting theatre style popcorn in just three to five minutes.  The popcorn remains warm and is ready to be served at any time.
  • Having rated it as the best commercial popcorn machine, the Classic Pop works well in arenas, amusement park facilities, convention centers and other venues where popcorn is sold.  
  • This good-looking popcorn machine with a classic design is easy to utilize and easy to maintain.  This unit is sure to be very profitable for your business, as it has all the features which will help you succeed.

Other Notable Features

  • Hard-coated aluminum kettle easy to clean and operate
  • Makes 240 one ounce servings per hour at 2790 Watts, 15 amp NEMA 5-15p
  • Solid cabinet construction with presentation lamp for appealing display
  • Tempered glass and stainless steel food area easy to clean
  • One year warranty

2. Paragon Contempo Pop 8 Ounce Popcorn Machine

Commercial quality construction for heavy use
Fast, easy to use and maintain
Sleek and modern design
Built-in warming deck keeps popcorn warm.
Easy to remove spent kernels via Old Maid Drawer

The next popcorn machine that we will be discussing is the Paragon Contempo Pop Popcorn Machine. This machine features a sleek design that is suited for clubs, bars, restaurants, concessions, and fairs.

  • It is beautifully adorned with a black cabinet, smoked glass side panels and contemporary graphics.  
  • It is constructed from high-quality commercial steel on the food area and tempered glass sections.
  • The Contempo Pop is easy to use with its simple, two-button operation.  The operational lights inform you when the machine is ready to add the ingredients for popping.  
  • The hard coated anodized aluminum kettle has a high-output performance and is spring assisted and side hinged, which allows you to unload the popcorn when finished popping easily. The popcorn remains warm with the warming deck

Other Notable Features

  • Makes 147 one ounce servings per hour at 1420 Watts, 15 amp NEMA 5-15p
  • Easy to clean with stainless steel food area and tempered glass panels
  • Able to withstand heavy commercial use
  • One year warranty

3. Paragon Professional Series 4 Ounce Popcorn Machine

Made of solid quality material
Aesthetically pleasing old school design
Makes popcorn quickly
Easy to clean and maintain

Coming in at third on our list of commercial popcorn machine reviews is the Paragon Professional Series 4 Ounce Popcorn Machine. Paragon is known for its excellent quality and, their machines compare to those used at movie theatres.

  • This unit features tempered glass panels and durable stainless steel construction.
  • Excellent performance is provided by the anodized aluminum kettle, which also makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The heated warming deck keeps the popcorn warm, fresh and tasty for an extended period of time.
  • This product also comes with a removable tray for simple cleaning and maintenance and the old-maid style drawer to collect the kernels which do not pop.  

If you are looking to buy a top rated solid popcorn machine with an excellent reputation and name, this one is worth a good look.   

Other Notable Features

  • Produces 92 ounces of popcorn in 60 minutes
  • Uses a 50 watt R20 lamp to light up and highlight the popped kernels
  • Solid construction can withstand heavy commercial use
  • One year warranty

You should think about getting it if you need a useful extractor to help prepare your bees for the spring/summer season.

4. Paragon Theater Pop 12 Ounce Popcorn Machine

Constructed with quality materials for heavy duty commercial use
Quickly pops delicious movie house style popcorn
A retro design which is easy on the eyes
Easy to use, clean and maintain

With a name you can trust, the Paragon Theatre Pop 12 Ounce Popcorn Machine carries a similar design to the commercial popcorn machine you see at your local movie theatre.

  • With its retro graphics and shiny red cabinet, this popcorn machine integrates seamlessly with almost any type of decor.  
  • This unit is ideal for continuous use in a business or commercial environment, as it can produce superb tasting popcorn time after time.
  • This machine can pop great tasting movie quality popcorn in as fast as three to five minutes.  The hard coated anodized aluminum kettle is a breeze to use, maintain and clean.
  • There are 50-watt elements in the warming deck which keep the popcorn fresh and warm and permit even heating through the entire batch.  

Other Notable Features

  • Able to pop 221 one ounce servings per hour
  • Stainless steel and tempered glass provide for a clean and sanitary food area
  • An old-maid drawer design to collect the unpopped kernels
  • One year warranty

5. Funtime Palace Popper 16 oz Popcorn Popper

Well constructed
Modern, sleek design
Easy to use and clean

The Funtime Palace Popper is a commercial quality unit at an affordable price. Featuring many upgrades, this machine has a design which is geared towards home movie enthusiasts.  

  • The sturdy stainless steel builds, and tempered glass side, back, and doors ensure that this unit will be preparing great tasting popcorn for you for a long time to come.
  • Showcasing a 16-ounce stainless steel kettle which quickly heats up, it can disperse the heat evenly to fully pop as many kernels as possible.  
  • The lid assembly moves freely so the popped corn can remove itself from the kettle on its own.  
  • The detachable kettle is easy to clean up.
  • A warming light situated at the top and heating element at the bottom keeps the popcorn fresh and warm.

Other Notable Features

  • Quiet motor spins at 15 RPM
  • Heated warming light
  • Powder coating for detailed design
  • Drawer for unpopped kernels
  • Item dimensions: 18.5 x 16 x 25.6 inches
  • Item weight: 40 lbs

6. Paragon 1911 Style Pop 8 Ounce Popcorn Machine

Nostalgic design
Easy to use and clean
Heavy-duty commercial construction
Works quickly and quietly

If old-school nostalgia appeals to you, the Paragon 1911 Style Popcorn Machine will be a hit with you, as it combines today’s modern technology as well.  

  • This retro style of commercial popcorn machine is certainly to catch everyone’s eye, as it incorporates a style which is similar to those used by street vendors approximately a century ago.  
  • For exceptional performance, the Paragon 1911 prominently features a hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle which is simple to use, maintain and clean.  
  • The food area is kept sanitary and is easy to clean due to the stainless steel food area and tempered glass panels.
  • The machine can deal with heavy use as a result of the sold cabinet construction.

Other Notable Features

  • Attractive display created by presentation lamp
  • Pops 147 one ounce servings per hour
  • One year warranty

7. Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Machine

Well built with heavy glass doors and stainless steel
Solidly constructed kettle mechanism
Quick performance

The Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Popcorn Machine is a commercial quality unit which showcases stainless steel kettles and food areas for easy cleaning and tempered glass panels.

  • The heated warming decks keep the popcorn warm and fresh, and the old-maid drawers are designed to capture the unpopped kernels for removal.
  • The design is of an antique persuasion, and it will remind you of the times you were at the carnival, movie theatre and ball game as a youngster.  
  • This unit combines an old-school design with the modern technology of today.  
  • This machine proudly showcases a sturdy powder-coated design and stainless steel construction.

Other Notable Features

  • Three plastic serving cups, 50 popcorn bags, measuring cups and popcorn scoop included
  • Works on 110 volts 860 watts
  • 18” ball bearing style wheels for smooth movement
  • Makes 3 gallons of popcorn per batch

8. Great Northern Popcorn 6208 TopStar 12 oz Popcorn Machine

Easy assembly
Kettle heats quickly
Extra large kettle capacity
Antique, retro design

The Great Northern TopStar Popcorn Machine is the largest machine from this company and one of the best on the market.

  • It has a 1350 watt kettle which rapidly cooks the kernels.  
  • The unit features stainless 12-ounce steel kettles, stainless steel food areas, a warming deck, tempered glass panels and old-maid drawers.  It takes approximately five gallons of popcorn per batch. The old school design incorporated within this unit will certainly take you back to the days of your youth.
  • The TopStar has a three switch design which includes spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater.
  • The glass is 40% thicker, and the machine operates silently, so it does not create any noise pollution within your home.  
  • It features the durable construction of heavy duty powder coated steel.  
  • The retro design is sure to win the hearts of those who lay eyes on it.

Other Notable Features

  • Etched glass
  • All metal gears
  • Reject kernel tray
  • Oil scoop and kernel included

9. Paragon 1911 Style 6oz Popcorn Machine

Old-school appealing nostalgic styling
Extremely well constructed
Easy to use and clean
Able to pop kernels rapidly with little sound

A superb combination of wonderful old school nostalgia with today’s modern technology is what you get with the Paragon 1911 Style Popcorn Machine.  

  • Designed with a similar look to the popcorn machines used by street vendors approximately 100 years ago, this unit certainly works as well as it looks.  A game room would be an ideal location for this wonderful machine.
  • The Paragon 1911 showcases a hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle which is easy to use, clean, and maintain.
  • The food area is sanitary and quite a snap to clean due to the stainless steel food zone and tempered glass panels.
  • The machine is capable of popping a total of 113 one ounce servings every hour.
  • The red, black, blue and yellow color combination give this machine a fresh look, making it extremely visually appealing.

Other Notable Features

  • Quality construction and materials withstand heavy use
  • Has presentation lamp for an eye appealing display
  • One year warranty
  • Item size: 18x22x26 inches
  • Item Weight: 59 lbs

10. Paragon Premium Popcorn Stand 6 and 8 oz 1911 Originals Popcorn Machine

Ample space for holding popcorn and supplies
Classic black design
Well constructed

This stylish black popcorn stand allows you to market and merchandise your product in a very professional and easy manner.

  • This is a firm stand which is reinforced with commercial grade steel and a chip-resistant paint coating.  
  • There is convenient storage space with a shelf to keep your supplies, and the front door has some aesthetically pleasing retro-inspired graphics.
  • There are four feet situated at the bottom which can adjust so you can properly level your unit.  
  • This stand can be used at home for theatre showings, a festival or any event where popcorn is desired.  
  • This is a well-built unit which is constructed to last a long time and should give you a great deal of enjoyment and value in the days ahead.

Other Notable Features

  • Black powder coat coating and antique graphics replicate 1911 machines
  • Has two interior shelves for storing supplies
  • Steel construction is from commercial grade materials
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty

The only issue consumers have is its frame removal. To make the extractor perform better, you have to remove the frames manually. This can be a minor annoyance for professional beekeepers who have multiple hives to take care of.

What to Look For in the Best Commercial Popcorn Machine

There are several issues to keep in mind when you are looking for the top commercial popcorn machine on the market.  From a small commercial popcorn machine to a large one, it is essential that you are aware how your machine will be utilized.  

If you plan to utilize your machine often within your business, then it is best to get a more expensive one which is of more durable construction.  On the other hand, if you sparingly use the machine at home, then a more economical model will do the trick.


The size of the machine you select is also a factor when it comes to your commercial popcorn machine.  If you need to make large amounts of popcorn rather quickly, then a larger upscale unit is required.

Conversely, if you are only looking to make a moderate amount of popcorn per use, then a smaller unit should do the trick.  Specifically, the kettle and food area size is what you should be concentrating on here. Once you recognize and zone in on your needs, then your decision on which unit you select should not be complicated.

If you plan to lug around your machine to fairs or other events, be sure to look into its weight and size.  Many of these commercial popcorn machines are quite heavy and can be somewhat difficult to move around. Having some assistance in the process in the form of another person or tools (such as a hand truck) is always a good idea.


Another aspect towards selecting the best commercial popcorn machine is its design.  Are you looking for a nostalgic retro style or a more modern one? As you have seen with our reviews, there are a number of models on the market, and finding one which best suits your needs and fits in with your decor should be something to take into consideration.

With regards to pricing, looking for commercial popcorn machines that are on sale can save you some money in your purchase.  If you can wait it out, older models are usually marked down when the newer models are released. If you choose the correct unit, there is absolutely no reason why last year’s model cannot work as effectively as this year’s. Again, it all depends on your needs and requirements.


After looking at this buying guide, we trust you should have ample information to make an educated and knowledgeable decision as a consumer.  You no longer have to feel apprehensive about getting taken advantage of when selecting the unit which is best for you. Your commercial popcorn machine is waiting for you to start making and selling or enjoying some great tasting popcorn.  Chances are, you will be one of the most popular people around.


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