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The best home surveillance system is a key to making your home the safest place for you and your family. So it is quite obvious that you would want to keep it that way for years to come. You must be very careful in choosing a surveillance system from all of the home surveillance system reviews.  Today, we would like to discover with you the world of Surveillance Systems and we hope that this review will help you to choose the best to buy a security system.

However, with increased crime rates and hi-tech robberies happening everywhere, it is also imperative to stay upgraded when it comes to your home’s security – your best home surveillance cameras. This year there are a great many advanced security systems to choose from, and you might as well check out the best surveillance system 2020 online.

Surveillance systems were previously limited to the peephole in our front doors and maybe a security guard (if one could afford it). However, technological innovations have ushered in an entirely new era of home security systems that have surpassed our wildest imaginations. Think of robots that regularly monitor your pet’s activities and even help them get food if necessary! Such has been the extent of technology in the past few years that video surveillance by surveillance camera best buy, has now become commonplace in most apartments.

Must-have features of your surveillance system

So, what is the best surveillance system? When you are deciding on which surveillance system to opt for, it is important to keep in mind the following functions – because your main goal for today is to choose the best buy surveillance camera:

  1. Wide-angle viewing: A camera that only points to one localized corner of your apartment is of no use to you. What you need is a 360-degree rotational view that provides complete protection and all-round surveillance in case of theft.
  2. Wi-fi and smart device connectivity: Smartphones can now be connected effortlessly to your surveillance systems. So make sure that your home security system comes equipped with smartphone and wi-fi connectivity.
  3. High-resolution cameras: If the video resolution is not okay, you will definitely be disappointed with your surveillance system once you start monitoring any activity at home or office. A minimum resolution of 720 p is mandatory, and 1080 p is a good resolution to start off with.
  4. Motion detection: Motion detection is something that is very important in any good surveillance system. Whether it is a fully automatic one or a DIY home security system, motion sensors play a major role.
  5. Low-light video recording: Low light recording is required during night time monitoring and the best surveillance systems in the market generally come with a high-quality low-light video recording facility.
Home security systems with cameras have long been the preferred choice amongst customers. So which is the best home video surveillance system in the market right now? If budget is not your constraint, then a surveillance system can be the best investment that you can make this year.

Find out more about the top ten surveillance systems:

1. Samsung - SDH-C75100 Security System

All security cameras are weatherproof Software on DVR isn't the best one
DVR Supports: 1080p/720P/960H/D1/HD1/CIF recording
Not friendly Setup
Smartphone and PC ready - video from cameras can be viewed Anytime and Anywhere. Remote viewing on Internet Explorer or iPOLis mobile
Night Vision Up to 82 feet
Viewing SD and HD cameras at the same time

Priced under 500 dollars, the Samsung – SDH-C75100 home security system is the best buy surveillance camera system. It is quite a deal if you are on a budget. It delivers on its promises and is ideal for monitoring during the night since it is equipped with night vision(up to 82 feet).

The DVR features a 2TB Hard Drive with intuitive menu and controls, allowing you to easily search and review archived video. Live life worries freeyou will be alerted should anything happen should you be away or sound asleep in your bedroom. The Samsung SDH include excellent, and truly the best buy security camera.

The 16 Channel DVR that comes in Samsung – SDH-C75100 allows you to monitor up to 16 locations inside and outside of your residential or commercial property. With the free downloadable Samsung iPOliS application, you can keep a close watch on your home or business anytime from anywhere in the world through your smartphone/tablet or computer/laptop. The included 1080p Full HD cameras have you covered day and night.
Beware! This DVR requires “Silverlight” if you view the web page, which is no longer supported with Google Chrome or Microsoft “Edge” on Windows 10! So you CANNOT USE the web interface unless you use Internet Explorer or Firefox.
If you are conscious about your safety as well as the environment in which your family is breathing daily, then investing in the Samsung might just be the best thing you will do this year. Overall, the Samsung SDH – C75100 is the best security camera system for home and outdoor

2. Security AutoFocus Camera System

Needless to say, the GW Security AutoFocus Camera System is a real giant in the world of the best home surveillance systems. The powerful NVR will handle about 32 cameras.

But, we have also to say that this one is a bit on the costlier side and is currently priced at an affordable price on Amazon. However, if you choose to indulge, this fantastic piece of technology won’t let you down. It is beautifully designed video surveillance system with dozens of useful features.

It should also be noted that GW Security AutoFocus Camera System has the 2.8~12mm Motorized 4X Optical Zoom Len. But what does this exactly mean?

You can control the angle of view of the camera from NVR or a computer or smartphone or tablet. Once the camera is mounted and set it in the direction you’d like it to look at, you can control the zoom at the touch of a button without having to climb up to the camera and change the lens setting.

At the widest setting of 2.8mm, you can expect to have an 115-degree view. When you are zoomed in all the way at the 12mm zoom length, you will get a 22-degree view and be able to view up to 120ft/80ft IR distance.
Counting all the useful features that this surveillance system provides you with, the only reason that may stop you to buy this best surveillance system is the price. It’s not as affordable as we could wish.
Outdoor/Indoor Weatherproof Camera. The manuals and instructions are very brief for an inexperienced installer.
Includes such features as: Motion Detection, Snapshot, Email Alerts and USB backup.
Cameras come with "Drywall Screws"! You will have to buy appropriate screws to mount them outside walls (if you have a house with wood sidings).
You can easily view and remotely Zoom In & Out through NVR, your Computer, Phone or Tablet. The only interface to IP Camera controls are via the embedded ActiveX Control (that is NOT Signed and Every Windows with sanity would DENY installing).
32 Channel NVR Support that means up to 4K/8MP/5MP/3MP 1536p (30fps Realtime each channel)
So, this is another one great security system from our home surveillance system reviews. If you are conscious about your safety as well as the environment in which your family is breathing daily, then investing in this GW Security System might just be the best thing you will do this year for your safety.

3. A-ZONE Security Camera System - One of the best surveillance system for the money

Outdoor/Indoor Weatherproof Cameras. It comes with everything you need with the exception of a monitor.
Includes features like: Intelligent motion detection email alert with images and Smart playback, that is available with customizable searching area.
Cannot add more than 4 cameras.
HDD Capacity: Pre-installed 2TB (support up to 6TB) Phone app could be a little more user friendly.
View realtime video anytime and anywhere remotly through internet on your smartphone or tablet.

The A-ZONE Camera Security System is one of the best home surveillance systems for the money. We guarantee that you will be surprised pleasantly by the price of this camera system. But this is not the only thing you would be pleased by because A-ZONE provides you with awesome features that would make your life carefree and safe. So let us dig deeper.

A-ZONE comes with one 8-channel 1.3MP POE NVR and four 1.3MP bullet cameras. There is also a built-in 2TB HDD. The 960P HD video offers sharp resolutions – so it gives much higher resolution and image quality.

The installation is really easy. The security camera system won”t occupy and congest your home network, and it can transfer stable videos in its internet.

This best home video surveillance system allows to monitor and alarm specific areas at specific times, record to the NVR and view cameras live on a mobile device.You can also setup email alarm notifications based on motion. 
The motion detection sometimes takes some messing with to get setup correctly, and the instructions aren not very good at explaining how to set it up.
In conclusion, we have to say that A-ZONE Security System would be good both for home using and as the best surveillance systems for small business. Overall, we think that even if you are unsure how to set up the system, we would definitely recommend this product not only because it does all that it advertises but because it is backed by responsive and trustworthy customer service.

4. LaView Camera Security System.

LaView Camera Security System – is one of the top-rated surveillance systems on Amazon. Because of excellent quality, useful features, and affordable price this home surveillance system was loved by experienced buyers and beginner ones.

The videos of the LaView Cameras are crystal clear. But, we would also recommend you this little setup tips. You just need to be willing to do some network configuration to fully enjoy being able to connect to it away from where it is installed.

Firstly, plan on where you want your cameras before you buy, so you can plan on how many cameras you want (this is the number of channels). You add cameras but not channels.  Also, it is good to have the long fiberglass rods (the glow rods are easy to spot in dark places) for fishing the wire.

This is a no brainer easy setup. As long as your camera cables are terminated correctly, all cameras auto install themselves. Please give each camera 30sec-1min to auto configure, after you plug it in. The quality of these 4mp cameras is unbelievable. The picture is true HD quality.
Keep in mind that the software for Mac is at best minimal. Most of the functions of the software do not work on 1year old iMac or iPad.
Totally Weatherproof Cameras Where is gets bad is the firmware it uses
Security is an RTC (round the clock) priority tha means seeing up to 100 ft. in the dark with powerful IR night vision cameras.
Easy “Plug & Play” design - simplifies your installation process.
The NVR comes with TWO hard drive slots and can hold up to 6TB of space for maximum recording length
Overall, LaView Camera System is one of the best home surveillance system for the money we would definitely suggest you to buy. It has all the features you need for the safe life. The only difficult thing is that you will have to choose how much cameras you need for your house

5. CIB Security Camera System - Best Choice from Surveillance System Reviews

Email Alert. Push Notification. Night vision works very well but it is grainy.
Easy to install
Video can be viewed remotely through Windows, MAC and other smartphones like iPhone, Android.
DVR with Included 2TB upgrade to 12TB
CIB Security is the best buy surveillance camera system. It combines more than affordable price, high-quality, and huge opportunities. Complete DIY System, that includes one powerful DVR(16CH 1080P ) with 12x High-Resolution Day&Night Cameras.
The cameras provide incredibly clear pictures. The system offers 16 different picture layouts and instant playback for each of the 16 cameras. This is essential when monitoring a retail operation.
 The best tip we can suggest you is not to use your old system’s cables or power supply.  The pictures would blur from time to time and some of the cameras would only display in black and white with the old cables and then the old power supply box stopped working.
CIB Security Camera System is an extra easy to install. The installation process is same as in Traditional CCTV Analog and Easy Upgrade your existing CCTV system to a new HD 1080P system. No network infrastructure and setup harass.
As for the software, the free app is not bad and it is easy enough to use. But you will need to have a strong internet connection to use it properly.
The CIB Camera Security System is the best surveillance system for the money and would be definitely a great buy. AS for the seller from Amazon, he is one of the best sellers and has always got good feedback from satisfied customers over the years.

6. Reolink Security Camera System - The Best Camera Security System under $600

Reolink Security Camera System has one of the best high-resolution cameras. It can be called “the best video surveillance system” in easy. It has an excellent video quality and is also regarded as one of the most reliable surveillance systems from all surveillance system reviews you will find on the web.

If you want both performance and reliability, then the Reolink Security Camera System is sure to live up to your expectations. The high-resolution cameras are easy to clean and barely require any maintenance.

It comes with bullet cameras (2 4MP PoE) and dome cameras (2 4MP PoE ). The Network Video Recorder (NVR) includes built-in 2 TB HDD for a long time video recording and monitoring. This best home video surveillance system provides Super HD video and images, much clearer than 1080p and 720p. It also has 2 network connections – with and without a network

Reolink Security System won’t occupy your home network and it transfers stable video streaming in internet. The installation of this camera system is very easy because it is a real plug&play system and it also works great with any Reolink indoor or outdoor PoE IP camera
You will need minor networking skills if you need to access the NVR from the outside world – i.e. directly accessing the system. This will require port forwarding of your router (assuming you have some firewall in place)
High-Quality 1440p cameras. Minor problems with Firmware, you will have to update the firmware for the NVR as soon as you get it.
Easy set up and comfortable remote use.
Built-in 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording
NVR buzzer allows you to receive real-time alerts including push notifications to your smartphones, email alerts and the warning sound
Overall, taking into consideration all home surveillance system reviews, Reolink – is a decent security system to buy. All the features and positive sides of this security system makes it definitely worth its money

7. EZVIZ Outdoor Surveillance System - Camera Security System for the Money

The app lets you see all of your EZVIZ cameras in one place (wherever you have the internet connection) Do not use extension cables for these cameras, instead find a single place for the unit in the house that all cameras can reach with a single line of cable that came with unit (65feet) and run it
The HQ cameras view during the day or the night. You cannot watch playback from your laptop it only playback on the TV.
The app and the camera software are easy to use and interface on.
Motion alerts sent directly to your smart phone

EZVIZ Surveillance System is an amazing gadget for all your Indoor/Outdoor security surveillance needs. At a price of around 900 dollars, the EZVIZ is one of the cheapest high-quality surveillance camera systems that you will get in the security system market.

Compared to other home security systems, the EZVIZ comes packed with a lot of additional features that give you complete protection while you are on the go.

Forget the thousand phone calls to your nanny, worrying about your pet or your baby when traveling for work EZVIZ Surveillance System  is the best video security system for you.

The camera picture quality is surprising, if you would even decide to put your cameras on the lowest resolution they will still impress you by the quality of the video.
Installation could become a bit of a challenge if you do not have a router near the location of the hard drive and could not hard wire the Ethernet connection to your home wifi router. But, you can simply solve this problem by buying a wireless access point
The EZVIZ Security System would be a great choice for those who really care about his safety and on the other hand, do not want to spend a huge amount of money for the more professional security systems.

8. Safevant Surveillance System

Home security is an essential part of your daily life, and if you are a busy traveler with a family back home, the need for the best camera security system is even more mandatory.

There are many different kinds of surveillance systems available in the market now and zeroing in on a particular one is a difficult task while you are on a budget.

This is where the Safevant Surveillance System comes in with its vast array of features that give you all-around protection within a budget. Available for just under 600 dollars, Safevant System is an absolute steal.

Safevant camera security has an awesome motion sensor system. The motion sensor sensitivity allows you record only when motion is detected. Safevant intelligent recording mode can save space on your hard drive. When HDD is full, it will automatically overwrite the prior recording
Easy to install and setup. You can use no more that 8 cameras.
Motion Detection Recording.
Notifications& Email Alerts Instantly When Motion Detected.
Very good customer support.
This is one of the best surveillance system that is definitely worth its money. The Safevant camera system has all needed functions to make your house the safest place.

9. Dripstone Home Surveillance System

Software fairly easy to use and they gives you multiple options to use on Win10 The picture that you get sent in email has a resolution of 640x352.
Real HQ cameras - picture is more then decent. The cameras are all setup with a default password of 12345 . It can be changed if you buy a separate POE injector, plug it into your router, and then change the password, but then automatic setup will likely not work.
Very good customer support.

The premise of your precious house need 24*7 surveillance, and this cannot be done with manpower alone. Manpower is not entirely trustworthy and can burn a huge hole in your budget. So what is the ultimate solution to your home security needs? The answer lies with Dripstone Security System.

Dripstone is already a leading name in the surveillance industry. It has previously come up with great indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras that are good for both home and business requirements. 

The Dripstone Security System is the perfect combination of Indoor/Outdoor surveillance, and it comes with 4 HQ cameras that can be fitted anywhere around the house or office premises.

Software really easy to use and has a nice features. Resolution of 4mp cameras very good-and digital zoom is also HQ
The cameras are metal casing but the mounts under camera to screw into wall are plastic and can break easily
The Dripstone Surveillance System is the best you can get in the security surveillance market. It will definitely give you your money’s worth with its high-end features.

10. Yeskam Wireless Home Security Camera System

The last one on the power list of surveillance systems for small business and your home or office comes with the best motion detection system.

With an HD video resolution, inbuilt motion sensors and cloud storage facility, the Yeskam – is the best wireless surveillance system. Its a  perfect solution for your home security needs. It comes at the comfortable price on Amazon, which is a very reasonable amount for a surveillance system of this caliber.

It has everything that you can want from a home security camera systems and even comes with a live video streaming facility. The motion sensors are of the highest quality possible and the video works perfectly even in low lighting situations.

The images captured are quite clear. It is easy to view the video images once IP Pro app is installed. It works which all the smartphones and iPads even Note.
High Resolution Security Cameras (1080P) Yeskam cameras are not as reliable as we would like.
Easy to use software and simple set up.
Superb Customer Support.
The Yeskamn Surveillance System is totally worth the price. This system would help you to make your life much safer.
10 Total Score

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