Top 10 Best Honey Extractors In 2022

When it comes to bee management, you’re going to need an extractor that can help produce honey within a reasonable time frame. In this guide, we help you to choose the best honey extractors for 2021 based on your level of expertise and the number of colonies you currently have.

So let’s begin!

1. Hardin Royal 2 Electric Two Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

The single bearings on the bottom section of the extractor can be easily overlooked. However, you need them to keep the extractor aligned and in good condition when using this device. We suggest that you remove the bearing before cleaning it to ensure that you don’t lose it.

On average, you can extract medium, deep, and shallow frames at a time. Most users were able to extract over 20 frames at a time with a yield of 3.5lps per frame. With this extractor, you’ll be able to get a lot of honey within 30 minutes.

The Hardin Royal 2 Steel Honey Extractor should be used for beekeepers who have 1-10 hives. It’s made of stainless steel, which gives it an average lifespan of 4-5 years. You should buy this on Amazon at a price about $370.

One thing that sets it apart from its competition is its 110 Volt motor. The motor speeds can be adjusted depending on the total amount of honey is placed inside the machine. This helps the user extract honey seamlessly, without having to crank the machine like traditional devices manually.

You don’t have to waste hours attempting to assemble the Hardin Royal 2 Steel Honey Extractor. You only have to install the honey gate and the legs to get started. Because of this, its a great choice for first time beekeepers who need a simple tool to help them manage their colonies.

Product Features:

  • Plexiglas top for better viewing
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • 110 Volt Adjustable Speed Honey Extractor
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Legs for unloading honey

Mainly, professional beekeepers and hobbyists will love the Hardin Royal 2 Steel Honey Extractor. Not only does is it tangential (which helps extract honey faster), the device can churn out multiple frames quickly.

2. VIVO New Large Three 3 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor SS Model

And the extractor has a dual sided top lid that’s made of clear plastic. Users like this feature because they can see the frames being extracted and turned into a realistic honey. Get this device if you have over 2-10 colonies and need an efficient tool to extract honey faster than other products.  

The VIVO SS model is one of the best honey extractors for all levels of beekeeping. The device has a drum height of 24 inches and a diameter of 15 inches.

This gives you ample amount of space to extract at least 3 frames at once. 

It features a durable metal bevel gears that have a smooth spin. And the extractor can be disassembled for easy maintenance and cleaning. By getting this extractor, you can get your honey and clean it up within 20 minutes!

Also, the bottom section of the extractor has a cone-shaped appearance. This means that it will create an efficient honey drainage through the device’s 2-inch honey gate.

As a result, the honey will come from the top of the extractor and can be stored for later usage.

Product Features:

  • 24 Inch Drum Height
  • Fits, deep, medium, or small frames
  • 304 Stainless Steel Body
  • 15 inch Drum Diameter
  • Cone Shaped Appearance

Basically, the VIVO Honey Extractor SS is the best honey extractor for the money. It has a 304 Stainless Steel cover which prevents it from attracting rust or deteriorating. Buy it today if you need to extract honey quickly and effectively.

3. OrangeA Honey Extractor Bee Honey Extractor

Plus, the OrangeA Extractor has a slightly rounded mesh basket. It’s slightly rounded on the inner side to prevent “honey bombs” from occurring. Honeycombs are when the honey leaks from the device and spills onto the floor. Also, its top lid keeps debris out while draining out the mead.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large colony, the Orange Honey Extractor is perfect for you. Its only flaw is its slow rotating speed, but it doesn’t take too much from the extractor’s overall functionality. 

Ranked third is the OrangeA Honey Extractor Bee Honey Extractor. It has two stainless steel frames that have a seamless welding. This helps beekeepers extract a lot of honey in a short amount of time and keeps the honeycomb super dry afterward. Get this on Amazon at a price about $301.

The drum’s interior has a pointed shape that extracts the honey through its 2-inch outlet that comes with a mead stopper/gate. Consumers like this feature because it helps them extract honey without it leaking out of the extractor.

You can easily transport this device due to its two side handles. Weighing at 37 pounds, the drum is lightweight and requires little strength to move around. For beginner beekeepers, this is the right extractor for you.

Product Features:

  • 4-Frame Stainless Steel
  • 110 Volts
  • 2 Clear Perspex Lids
  • Dimensions: 24 in (height) x 20 in (diameter)
  • 2-inch Honey Gate Stopper

You should think about getting it if you need a useful extractor to help prepare your bees for the spring/summer season.

4. Honey Extractor-Stainless Steel 8/4 Frame Hand Crank Extractor

On the other hand, consumers expressed their concerns about this device. While it can process over a hundred pounds of honey, it’s unable to process medium frames in a radial method. We suggest that you use it in a tangential manner to extract the frames without stopping.

Are you a beekeeper that has 2-10 hives? Then the Honey Extractor Stainless Steel 8/4 Frame Hand Crank Extractor is a great option. It has an 8/4 exterior which can which has a total lifespan of 3 years before needing a replacement. Find this on Amazon at a price around $251.

The extractor has a simple crank handle, which helps you to extract honey properly. Simply rotate the crank clockwise and watch it churn your frames within 45 minutes. Doing this allows your honey to come out thick and ready for later usage.

Another reason why consumers like this extractor are because of its stainless steel body. It’s durable enough to protect the exterior from bees, bacteria, and other ailments.

As a result, it keeps your honey pure and ready for consumption.

Product Features:

  • 8/4 frame extractor
  • Polished Stainless Steel Body
  • Simple crank handle
  • Holds all frame sizes
  • 1-1/2-Inch Honey Gate

Still, the Stainless Steel 8/4 Frame Hand Crank Extractor is perfect for small to medium sized bee colonies. While you’ll have to process the frames manually, its 1-1/2-Inch steel honey gate keeps the honey inside and stops it from leaking out. Give this extractor a chance if you need to process honey quickly and safely.

5. FoodKing Honey Extractor Electric Honey Extractor

But, consumers were skeptical about the motor and the plexiglass covers. Some stated that the plexiglass covers were broken and the motor was unable to operate. If you notice this issue, feel free to call for a replacement.

We suggest that you try the FoodKing Honey Extractor Electric Honey Extractor. Honey extractors reviews state that its versatile, reliable, and can automatically process 10 colonies of honey within minutes.

Beekeepers regard the FoodKing Honey Extractor Electric Honey Extractor as one of the top Honey Extractors on the market. The extractor is designed for the new and established beekeeper due to its sturdy exterior and functional interior. If you need this product, it’s on Amazon for about $213.

One reason why people like this device is because of its dual frame extracting properties. This means that you can process narrow, medium, and large frames without having to crank it manually.

And it has metal gears which are used to keep the exterior clean from honey. Beekeepers like this feature as it provides a faster cleaning process once they’re finished processing the frames. Usually, you’ll spend at least 20 minutes cleaning this extractor.

Product Features:

  • 2 Frames
  • Drum diameter of 15 inches and height of 24 inches
  • Double-sided top lid
  • Mesh honeycomb basket
  • Plexiglas top lids

6. Best Choice Products 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Beekeeping Equipment

Fair warning though, some consumers questioned the durability of the device. For instance, when used for over 40 lbs of honey, it starts to slow down and break. We recommend that you process deep honey frames to keep it in good condition.

For owners wanting one of the best stainless steel honey extractors, look no further. The Best Choice Steel Honey Extractor’s metal legs keep it stable during its operation, and its 110V speed ensures that your frames will be processed within minutes.

The Best Choice Steel Honey Extractor was designed for beginners and experts alike. With its easy and quick assembly, you’ll be able to extract honey rather quickly. You can get this on Amazon at a price around $213.

You’ll like this extractor because of the space it provides. With a 16” drum width and a 23.5” drum height, the hamper’s interiors can hold up two frames without any issue or delay. Drain the honey by using its honey gate and collect the finished honey.

People who purchased this extractor praised it for its performance. When at its highest speed, the extractor doesn’t wobble or lose its center. If you need a steady and working device, then you should give this product a look.

Product Features:

  • Solid Metal Crank
  • Plastic Lids for Easy Viewing
  • Baskets hold 2 frames at once
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 38”

7. Hardin Professional 3 Frame Manual Honey Extractor

But, some consumers have reported that some certain parts were missing. For instance, some machines don’t have a drain plug, which is needed to take the extra contents out of the machine. If your extractor doesn’t have a drain plug, cover the drain hole with duct tape until a replacement arrives.

The Hardin Professional 3 Frame Manual Honey Extractor should be considered if you have more than six hives to attend to.

And the extractors have over three frames and is used by most professionals around the world. It’s found on Amazon at a price about $225.

This extractor machine is quick in its operation and can fully process a frame within a short amount of time.

On average, you will have to wait 40 minutes before the frame is ready to be consumed.

To install the extractor, you have to remove the 2 nuts that hold the spinner gearbox. After you replace the gearbox, make sure that you tighten every nut and bolt before using this device.

When using the spinner, the 3 frames have to be of the same weight or else it the device will shake wildly.

Product Features:

  • 16 gauge stainless steel tank
  • Optional stand/leg included
  • Sealed bearings
  • Steel gear construction
  • Weight: 22.1 lbs

For beekeepers that want a lightweight and reliable extractor, you should definitely get the Hardin Professional 3 Frame Manual Honey Extractor. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, meaning that you can get a replacement if there are any defects with the device. Buy it today if you need a manual crank extractor that can make honey without any difficulties.

8. Goodland Bee Supply 2 Frame Honey Extractor

Beekeepers noticed only one flaw with this device. While the kit contains frames and supers, you’ll have to assemble it into the hive itself. For beginners, we suggest that you seek assistance to assemble it correctly.

When it comes to getting a high-quality bee extractor, quality is always better than quantity. With the Goodland Bee Supply Honey Extractor, the additional accessories help you manage your beekeeping enterprise while also processing honey frames faster than competing products.

The Goodland Bee Supply 2 Frame Honey Extractor gained its recognition for its performance and its extra accessories. It’s two frame design is made of 16 gauge stainless steel bearings and gears; this makes it easier for beginner and professional beekeepers to use. You can obtain this product on Amazon at a price $301.

Included with the extractor is an uncapping roller which is used to open small honeycomb areas that your hot knife can’t reach. Additionally, it has a wood handle to help grip and churn the honey frames. With its strong steel bristles, you can puncture the comb and extract all the honey you need.

If you’re a professional beekeeper, you’ll appreciate the Goodland Bee Supply Extractor includes a frame spacer, bee smoker, uncapping roller, and a frame grip. With these accessories, you’ll be able to extract honey while also reducing the time it takes to clean the extracting tank.

Product Features:

  • Dual Frame Extractor
  • 1 Wood Handle Hive Tool
  • Frame Spacer
  • Uncapping Knife
  • Uncapping Roller

9. Honey Keeper™ Pro 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

Consumers didn’t like the device because of the vertical weld of the tub. On some occasions, the stainless steel would become exposed to rust; making it the processed honey inedible. Check the contents of your extractor before using it to avoid this problem.

You should consider getting the Honey Keeper Pro 2 Honey Extractor if you value simplicity and stability.

Ninth on the list is the Honey Keeper Pro 2 Honey Extractor. This machine weighs about 20 pounds, which helps beekeepers transport it with ease. Buy this on Amazon at a price around $141.

The extractor machine has long legs which allow for a 5-gallon bucket under it. For increased stability, you should bolt it down so that it doesn’t move when it’s in operation. Doing this helps the machine remain in place and extract honey without any issues.

People also like this honey extractor because it’s easy to clean. All you need is warm water and soap to remove the excess honey that’s stored inside the machine. It only takes about 20 minutes so that you can clean it rather quickly.

Product Features:

  • 15 Inch Honey Gate
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Plastic lids used for viewing
  • Fits buckets up to 5 gallons
  • Handles up to 2 deep, medium and shallow frames

Unlike other products, it will stay in place, extract frames faster, and can be cleaned without too much of a hassle.

10. Mann Lake HH160 Stainless Steel 6/3-Frame Hand Crank Extractor

To use this extractor, start by turning the crank rapidly. As the honey comes out of the comb, then you’ll have to drain it via the spigot. After that, place the frame inside of the hive. The bees will then repair the used comb and refill them with more honey.

Last on our list is the Mann Lake Hand Crank Extractor. The device is made of a stainless steel exterior (26 gauge).

It can hold three medium sized frames and six shallow frames in one sitting. Get this on Amazon at a price about $321.

This product’s main feature is its 1 ½ inch honey gate. This allows you to gather the honey located on the bottom section of the canister and prevent it from spilling.

Because of this, users can add frames without having to clean up extra residue afterward.

Since its a tangential extractor, it has one side of the combing placed outwards. This means that you can process smaller frames faster and more effectively.

Product Features:

  • 6/3 Frame Hand Contractor
  • Stainless Steel (26 gauge)
  • 26 ½ height and 18-inch diameter
  • Holds 3 deep, 3 medium, and 6 shallow frames
  • Tangential frame

The only issue consumers have is its frame removal. To make the extractor perform better, you have to remove the frames manually. This can be a minor annoyance for professional beekeepers who have multiple hives to take care of.


Are you still confused on which starter kit is the right one for you? Read this guide if this is your first time buying a beekeeping starter kit. We have some in-depth tips on which hive is suited to your skill level and how to utilize them to get the most honey from your bees.

Types of Hives

There is a myriad of hives that are available, but we recommend using the standard Langstroth hives. Bees usually don’t care about what hive they live in, as long as they’re able to produce offspring and honey.

First-time beekeepers will experience a great deal of success when using a Langstroth hive. After a few years of experience, you can experiment with more high-end hives such as the top end hive.


Boxes make up the hive’s structure. They’re called “Supers” or “Hive Bodies” depending on the hive’s location. Beekeepers start with one box until its frame is 80% full, then they place another box on top.

Beekeeping boxers come in medium, shallow, and deep. Some beekeepers like medium boxers because they are lightweight. But you’ll need at least 3 deep boxes if you plan on growing honey in the summer.

Your bees will need 2 bottom boxes to store their food during the winter. And a third box to contain the honey to the beekeeper. If you are planning to use medium boxes, 5 boxes are equal to 3 deep boxes. You’ll need about 50 frames to fill the boxes.


Each standard box has 10 frames. These come in medium, shallow, and deep to match the dimensions of the box. Bees create wax combs on the frames, with hexagon cells. The bees use these cells to store honey and raise their offspring.

The frames can have foundation or have a sheet of wax filled with hexagons to support the wax comb. While industry produced beehives use foundation, we suggest that you use foundationless frames. Foundationless frames give health benefits for bees to create clean wax. And it gives your bees the room to build larger or smaller cells as they please.

Beekeeping Gloves

If this is your first time tending to a colony of bees, you should get long beekeeping gloves with sleeves. While you can opt for a mesh sleeve, bees can sting through the material. Get a solid pair of gloves to prevent this issue and help you manage your bees more effectively.

How to Extract Honey

You need to find a way to get your honey extracted so it can be consumed later on. The best way to do this is via a centrifuge extractor. Or, you can use flow frames to help with the extraction process.

Flow frames allow you to extract honey directly from the tube without having to buy an extraction system. However, they can be pretty expensive, so make sure you budget accordingly. On some occasions, a set of flow frames cost more than the extractor itself!

Beekeepers only take the honey from flow frames, while the bees store the honey inside the hives. To consume the honey that’s inside traditional frames, you’ll have to either forfeit the honey or buy an extractor. That’s why we suggest that you get a quality extractor before wasting it on flow frames.  


It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an expert beekeeper, you need an extractor that can help your process honey without any issues. To conclude, make sure you research each of these products and figure out which one works best for you and your colonies.

Are there any concerns that you have about utilizing your honey extractor?

Tell us in the comments below and let us know what you think!

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