Electric Scooter Throttle Not Working: Causes and Fixes

An electric scooter is a fun way to travel. Instead of running on gas, this vehicle uses electricity. Besides, it is lightweight and easy to park.

Like regular bikes, an electric scooter might have a faulty throttle. But with the right advice, you can determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

Electric Scooter Throttle Not Working: Causes and Fixes

electric scooter throttle not working

If your scooter refuses to speed up, you might blame the throttle. Now, here are some reasons for your faulty throttle.

1. The Throttle is Not Staying in the Right Position

After using the throttle, does it return to its original position? If not, then you might have a faulty throttle. Normally, this problem is caused by collisions, accidents, or other types of physical impact. It can even occur from handling the scooter roughly.


Sadly, you can’t repair such throttles. With this in mind, get a new replacement and install it on the e-scooter. If you don’t have any technical skills, contact a professional for repairs.

But if you can handle some DIY, use a screwdriver to adjust the space between the cover and the rubber handle. Also, ensure that the throttle spring is properly set. After using the above steps, check the throttle.

2. You Are Not Using Enough Force

Some models use thumb throttles. Although they offer great speed, the devices are incredibly stiff. If you don’t apply enough pressure, the throttle will not work.


To keep things moving, make sure your hand reaches the throttle properly. Also, ensure that you use enough force on the switch.

3. The E-Scooter is Geo-Fenced

If you rent a bike, there is a high chance that it is geo-fenced. When such vehicles travel outside approved areas, they slow down and go off. Thanks to this feature, scooter rental companies can tackle theft.

If you throttle a geo-fenced e-scooter, it won’t work especially when you move on unapproved routes.


As it’s illegal to tamper with the scooters, it would help if you traveled within the approved routes. If you are not sure of the areas, consult your e-scooter rental company.

4. Faulty Brakes

Is your handbrake faulty? Does it feel rusty or outplace? If yes, there is a high chance that your throttle will not work properly. You should also look for turned-on brake lights.


You might have to replace a brake pad or the entire setup. For each task, we recommend that you consult a certified professional.

5. Poor Connection Between Controller and Throttle

On your scooter, there should be a secure connection between the controller and the throttle. If the connection becomes weak, the throttle will not work perfectly.


Turn on the bike and twist the throttle. If the speed display or lights do not come on, then the throttle might need to be fixed. To solve this issue, you should take the vehicle to a trusted e scooter repair store.

6. A Bad Fuse

If your e-scooter fuse is broken or missing, the vehicle will not move. Before solving this problem, try inspecting the fuse box of your scooter. You should also check the wiring for loose connections.


Work on all bad fuses. If the e- scooter comes with a warranty, you can repair/ replace it for free or at a cheaper rate.

7. Weak Battery

If the e-scooter does not run, remember to check the batteries. You should even see if the charger is in top condition. After all, bad chargers and batteries can affect the e-scooters performance.


A new set of batteries can solve this problem. You also get an original set of chargers for the scooters. If you can’t find one in your area, consider visiting the scooter company’s website.

8. Burnt Throttle

The throttle wires can get burnt. In this condition, the e-scooter cannot go faster than the normal speed. To find a burnt throttle, look out for funny smells and melted surfaces.


Instead of thinking of repairs, prepare to get a new motor. If you can’t find one, reach out to the company that sells your brand of e-scooters. You can also seek assistance from any trusted repair shop.

How to Test an E-Scooter Throttle

If your throttle feels out of place, you should consider performing a throttle test. For this task, you will need a few simple steps.

  • Make sure the batteries are fully charged
  • Take the e-scooter to a safe location
  • Turn the vehicle and twist the throttle. If the speed display or lights remain off, then you have a throttle problem.

Method 2

  • Turn on the e-scooter
  • Use a voltmeter to test the wires of the throttle. Remember to use the positive input terminal on the positive wire while the negative input terminal goes to the negative wire.
  • If you have a reading of 4.3 through 5-volt output voltage to the throttle, then there is no problem with the throttle. But if you can’t get this reading, then the throttle is faulty.

How Can I Keep My Throttle in Perfect Shape?

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your throttle. As expected, these ideas can save you from wasting cash on repairs.

Start by avoiding direct hits to your throttle. You should also store your vehicle in indoor spaces. If the throttle looks damaged, dump it and go for a new replacement.

Wrapping Up

Electric scooters run on electricity. With regular use, you might end up with a faulty throttle. Broken throttles can be caused by accidents, misuse, old batteries, and faulty connections.

You can solve the problem by repairing the unit or replacing worn-out parts. You might also seek extra solutions from an electrical scooter repair shop.

Before you ride an e-scooter in your city, try checking the e-scooter laws. Most areas ban the use of these vehicles in public places. So if you want to travel with an e-scooter, look for private land and also seek permission from the owner of the property.


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