How to Soundproof a Dog Crate

As a dog owner, it is ideal that you soundproof your dog kernel. After all, you wouldn’t want your furry friend to howl into the night and wake the neighbors. Also, soundproofing is a great way to keep your dog relaxed.

However, many people do not know how to perform this task. Some might even see it as an activity that requires years of experience.

With this post, you can learn how to soundproof your dog’s crate. For this project, we show you various ideas that will not consume your time and cash.

How to Soundproof a Dog Crate

Why Should You Soundproof Your Dog’s Crate?

Before learning how to reduce the sounds from dog crates, you need to understand some reasons why it’s necessary:

  • It keeps the neighborhood free from disturbing barks and whining
  • It makes your dog relaxed during noisy scenarios like firework shows or construction projects.
  • If you use a soundproof travel dog crate, there is a low chance of disturbing other passengers with animal noises.

How to Soundproof Your Dog’s Crate

Now here are some easy ways to have a quiet dog crate.

1. Cover the Crate with Moving Blanket

As you move into a new home, moving blankets are used to protect your furniture. Also, they are great tools for soundproofing a dog crate.

Now the question comes: how does this fabric reduce noise? Well, the design of the blanket is perfect for absorbing any unwanted sound. But if you want to reduce noise properly, choose blankets that come from heavy materials.

As you cover the crate with the fabric, remember to leave some space for ventilation. You should also ensure that your animal does not become hot. After using the moving blanket as a noise reduction tool, you can use it as a bed for your dog.

2. Buy a Dog Crate Cover

Instead of looking for new ways to soundproof the crate, you can save some time and get a dog crate cover. Apart from being affordable, they are simple tools for muffling dog noises.

Before choosing a dog cover, look for options that use heavy fabric. To keep make your dog comfortable, stick with fabric that allows light and the free flow of air. Also, ensure that the fabric is easy to wash at all times.

Since some dog covers are not designed for absorbing noise, seek advice from the salesperson. You can also perform an online search for the best types of dog covers.

3. Whip Out Some Absorption Sheets

Absorption sheets can help reduce the intensity of animal sounds. When it comes down to it, they make a good job of absorbing echoes and other noises.

Using this tool does not require any skills. Simply follow the steps on the packaging and fix the item on the crate.

These tools are affordable. You can purchase absorption sheets from a variety of local stores. But if you can’t find this item, visit any trusted online store.

4. Consider Soundproofing the Room

If you have extra cash to spare, there is nothing wrong with soundproofing a wall or entire room. After completing this task, you can place the dog crate at this part of your building.

There are many ways to soundproof a building. For instance, install thick tapestries or quilts on the walls. You can also use thick rugs to absorb sounds on hard flooring. For the windows, thick heavy drapes will get the job done.

5. Inspect the Wall for Gaps

Are there any holes in your walls especially in the room that houses the crate? If yes, you should block any spaces in the wall. Start by purchasing weather stripping and installing them on the gaps.

If you can’t get weather stripping, consider working with acoustic sealants. These tools are readily available and cost a few dollars.

6. Make Your Walls Thicker

Thin walls allow sound to pass through them without any issues. With this in mind, it would help if you placed some drywall on your walls. Before installing the material, cover the wall with soundproof glue.

How Can You Keep Your Dog From Unprovoked Barking?

Soundproofing your dog crate might be a good idea. However, it is ideal if you knew the reason for your dog’s strange behavior. You should also look to make your pet quiet.

Most times, dogs bark when they feel uncomfortable or nervous. With the following ideas, you should make the animal feel relaxed.

1. Exercise Your Dogs Regularly

Take your dog for a walk or try any suitable exercises. After these activities, the animal becomes less nervous and sleeps better. In this state, your dog tends to bark less.

2. Keep the Dog Crate in Familiar Areas

Dogs feel jumpy in new areas. For this reason, it is advised that you place the crate in areas that are familiar to your dog.

3. Do Not Force Your Dog into a Crate.

Some dogs do not like crates. So if you force them to stay in one, they will bark the house down. You can avoid this problem by waiting until your animal feels comfortable with the crate.

You can start by feeding the pet in open crates. As time passes by, you can shut the door for brief periods until your pet gets used to the crate.

4. Get Some Treats

Stuffed toys can calm the nerves of many dogs. For this reason, put some of these items in the crate. When the dog finds these items, it should calm down and make less noise.

5. Get a Comfortable Crate

Ensure the crate offers comfort to your dog. You can create the perfect crate by picking one in the right size. Also add accessories like a dog crate liner, blanket, and some toys.

To make the dog feel extra calm, try adding an item that has your smell. An old t-shirt would work just fine.


There are many ways to soundproof your dog crate. If these ideas do not bring the desired level of quiet, it would help if you made your animal feel calmer. Also, do not punish animals that bark in crates.


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